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Compare And Contrast Painting Styles Of Northern And Southern Europe

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Encourage by the economic prosperity, a new wave of a growing middle class, joined with princely rulers, and the church to encourage the arts. Northern artists, unlike their Italian counterparts, were relatively unfamiliar with Greco-Roman culture. Therefore, numerous amounts of northern artisans moved in the direction of detailed realism. In addition, the Renaissance artists in the north, had different characteristics, than their Italian counterparts, one of the more fundamental features of northern art was a attachment for a meticulous rendering for detail. Due to geography, and local, and the lack of access to Greek and Roman art and sculptures, Gothic influences were apparent in ...view middle of the document...

One key technique, was the implementation of the fresco painting method. This method was used on plaster walls, ceilings, and surfaces with moist lime plaster. Another great artist Leonardo Da Vinci, painted “The Last Supper” , and is considered to be one of the great religious paintings of all time, In addition, the use of the vanishing point at the center of the compitiotions directly behind the head of Jesus. Topped by a pediment, the open doorway, first acts like a halo, reinforcing the centrality of Christ and his mission as” Light of the World”.
Northern and southern Renaissance artist’s showed similarities, such as the subject matter of the art they produced, both incorporated religious scenes into their work. In contrast the Italian artists a classical mythology, whereas the Northern artists subject matter was based on domestic interiors, and portraits, a primary example would be Jan Van Eyck “Arnolfins Wedding Portrait”. Other famous Italian Renaissance artists were known frothier figures with mass and volume, such as Michelangelo’s “David”. This is a definite example of these grandeur figures carved in stone, these seem to exude, and ooze with superhuman size and sprit. In contrast to Jan’s consummate mastery of minute, realistic details, which was ,demonstrated in the marriage of Giovanni...

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