Compare And Contrast Raymond Carver's Short Story "Neighbor's", And Ibsen's Novel, "A Dollhouse".

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Literature, though found in many styles, will forever be linked. Plots, themes, characters, and ideas are all shared through literature. This connection gives readers, and authors the opportunity to compare and contrast the ideas and opinions in text. There were many correlations with Ibsen's A Dollhouse, and Raymond Carver's short story "Neighbors". Although these pieces were created separately, the traits of the female character's in these pieces were exceptionally comparable.The female character in "A Dollhouse", is Nora Helmer. She is introduced as a happy lady, and the wife of Torvald Helmer. Torvald helps generate Nora's character through his actions toward her. He starts by teasing her, and calling her all sorts of pet names which she feels is innocent fun. Nora's conscious is on her own little planet, she lives in her own little world. This elucidates the title, A Dollhouse. Nora is portrayed as having little knowledge of life and how to survive, much like a child. It was ironic when Torvald would call her pet names, because it was as if he had control over her as an individual. He liked knowing that she had to depend on him for certain things in her life. As the play continues, new characters and conflicts are introduced which seems to change Nora's personality. When Krogstad was introduced, so was a conflict that occurred between him and Nora. When her husband was sick she needed money to take him to Italy for him to recover. Nora realized that she needed to do what is necessary for her husband to become healthy, so she borrowed this money from Krogstad. This showed that she wasn't as naive and dependant as she seemed. Through this dilemma, she also isn't as childish and jovial as she first appeared. Nora took the crucial steps to help resolve her struggle at that time in her life, and got through it, which was a total turn over from her character in the beginning.Eventually Torvald finds out about her arrangement with Krogstad which leads him to an outrage. Unhappy with her husband's reaction, Nora makes the decision to leave him. Not only does she make this decision, but she stays with it, which is admirable.All her life she felt as if she was property, not only to her husband, but to her father during her childhood. After her final quarrel with Torvald, she learns that she doesn't have...

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