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Compare And Contrast "Regine Mamba" And "Suitcase Lady" Seneca College Essay

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Name: Kien Cang Tran
Student Id: 129898169
Course: EAC 150 NBH
Instructor: Lynn Hanley
Hope for Tomorrow
“Regine Mamba” written by Stephanie Nolan and “Suitcase Lady” written by Christie McLaren are similar in several ways as both stories describe two elderly women struggling with family and health issues. While poverty has seriously affected their lives, they still care about people and have strong beliefs. In other words, they both are strong, kindly, and have intense hope.
First of all, they both women are strong. In Nolan’s story, the grandmother deals a situation with raising orphaned children in Zambia where HIV and AIDS killed her friends and family member. At her age, she should enjoy a peaceful life but in this story, she suffers from health issues and yet she has to take care of 13 children and manages all child to school. In McLaren’s story, a homeless woman lives on the street in Toronto. She suffers from health problems too. It has been 2 years that she scrounges for food and money, and sleeps at a doughnut shop in the cold weather. Health and difficulties can’t stop their life, otherwise it gives them hope to continue on.
Secondly, despite living under difficult circumstances issues of health, family, they both are kind-hearted. Regine Mamba gives everything that she has to feed and clothes them. "It's trying, it's difficult. The only way I manage is that what little I get, I give them,". She indicates that she will carry on taking care all of the child until she dead. In addition, she worries about children’s spirit, she worries about when she dies anyone willing to take care of them. And her happiness is that the children are...

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