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Compare And Contrast Robert Frost's "The Silken Tent" And Lady Gregory's "Broken Vows"

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Frost drowns in Lady Gregory's tearsLove is a universal phenomenon and nobody seems to love it more than the poets. Perhaps that explains why there have been millions of poems written about hundreds of types of love. Robert Frost's "The Silken Tent" and Lady Gregory's "Broken Vows" are two among the millions of love poems. Despite being written on the same subject, Frost's "The Silken Tent" shows the love between a girl and her family by the use of rhymes, connotations and alliteration. On the other hand, Lady Gregory's "Broken Vows" shows the love between a girl and a man with random words and few but brilliant uses of personification."The Silken Tent" is written in third person whereas "Broken Vows" is written in first person. Clearly both the poems are love poems but Robert Frost's "The Silken Tent" shows the love between a girl and her family, which is philia love. The girl in "Broken Vows" is obsessed and has an intense desire of being together with the love of her life, which is an eros love.Both the poems use simple words and simple language but Frost uses rhymes in his poems in order to make the poem interesting and fun. His use of rhymes can be seen in words like "tent"(line 1) and "relent"(3), "breeze"(2) and "ease"(4), etc. On the other hand, Lady Gregory doesn't use rhymes and doesn't seem to care about the overall structure of her poem. But the poet makes up for the lack of rhymes, connotations and alliterations by the brilliant use of personification like, "the dog was speaking of you"(line 2), and "the snipe was speaking of you"(3).The main character in Frost's poem is a happy and carefree girl. Frost beautifully shows the carefree and optimistic attitude of the girl by the use of connotations and alliterations like, "sunny summer"(2), "ropes relent"(3), "central cedar"(5), and "sureness of the soul"(7). The girl is also sensitive like a silk and this is suggested by the very first line "She is as in a field a silken tent." The "central cedar pole" (line 5) is the love of the girl's life. Frost mentions that this pole is strong which means the girl's faith in love is very strong but the girl is so occupied with the love of her life that she forgets that there are other people who make her life easier to live.Frost writes "By countless silken ties of love and thought"(10), and these countless silken ties refer to the family members whose love and care the girl takes for granted. Frost creates a parallel symmetry between the girl and a silken tent, and imagines a situation where the ropes are lost and the tent flies away in the wind. Indirectly, Frost is referring to the demise of one of...

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