Compare And Contrast, South Africa And America

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We know that South Africa and America are very different countries, but really how different are they? Sure they have different traditions and cuisines, but lets see what things they have in common. Let’s take cuisines for example, very different food but do they use a lot of the same ingredients or do they cook it the same? Education, they probably teach completely different, but are they equally strict or are graduation requirements the same? I’m going to compare and contrast America and South Africa and see what ways are different and which ways are the same in terms of family and other topics.
South Africa is mostly made up of tribes, it is a huge part of the community there. A tribe is defined as social division in a traditional society consisting of families or communities linked by social, economic, religious, or blood ties, with a common culture and dialect, typically having a recognized leader.Some of these tribes are: Zulu tribe which is the largest. Then there is the Wolof tribe, followed by the Samboro tribe. These are just a few out of hundreds of tribes.75% are black, 13% are white, 8% are coloured and 2% are Indian. So as you can see South Africa is very diverse and not just all black like some people may think. In South Africa they believe that it is the father's job to provide for the family, although as times change mother’s are working as well. It is also believed that the mother makes most of the authoritative decisions in the family. Depending on the mother or father’s schedule dinner can be eaten together or separately, most of the time the kids cook for themselves when they get home from school. Students/kids of the household are expected to be responsible for themselves in school work and chores. They are expected to work out a daily routine with their parents two days in advance before execution. As far as education south african teenagers take 6-9 courses. Boys and girls are not segregated they study together, and class sizes depend on the school and/or subject. Most households in South Africa have pets but they are not considered family and are not allowed in the house. It is a cultural norm for South African families to spend a lot of time together but when a kid turns into a teenager they expect to spend Saturdays with their friends. It is rare to spend time alone. In South Africa mother’s cook every night and bring carry-out food home once or twice a week. Most South Africans are christians but they have what they call traditional african religion where the elders pass on the ways of life to the young. It is not exactly religious but a cultural identity mostly made up of stories and tales. Nelson Mandela created a lot of new holidays hoping to unite the country. One of the big holidays are Human rights day, which is celebrated on March 21st. They remember all of those who passed away on March 21st due to police brutality. They also have freedom day which celebrates the first democratic elections held in 1994. South...

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