Compare And Contrast The Characters And Relationships Within ‘Of Mice And Men’ With A Selection Of Poems Within The ‘Relationships’ Cluster.

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‘Of Mice and Men’ was published in 1936 by novelist John Steinbeck. It traces the journey of two workers, George and Lennie and their dream of having their own farm. Although the characters in Steinbeck’s novel are fictional they reflect what life was like during the great depression. This is shown throughout the novel as the two male protagonists show their need of keeping their job on the ranch. I will compare this novel to three various poems. The first of the three is ‘The Farmer’s Bride’. This poem was written by Charlotte Mew in 1916 and is set in a farming community. It reflects the sad incidents which had taken place during the poet’s life. Instead of introducing the contexts of the poem, the title introduces the characters and informs readers that the key theme will be marriage. The second poem which I will be comparing to ‘Of Mice and Men’ is called ‘Quickdraw’. This poem was written by Carol Anne Duffy and explores the positives and negatives of a romantic relationship. The title links to western cowboy films. The final poem that I will compare is ‘Brothers’ which was written by poet Andrew Forster. This poem is about an elder brother thinking that he is superior than his younger brother. It relates to an everyday sibling relationship as it makes those readers who have siblings realise that sometimes they may also have behaved with their siblings in a way that they have later regretted. Once I have compared and contrasted these texts to the novel, I will finish off by giving a conclusion.
The poem ‘The Farmer’s Bride’ is based on a couple relationship between the farmer and his bride. It is in some aspects similar to ‘Of Mice and Men’ as they both present a couple based relationship. In the poem the relationship is between the farmer and his bride, whilst in the novel the relationship is between Curley and his wife. There is a similarity in the way in which both the wife’s are shown to not fit into society’s expectations. The farmer’s bride does not fit into the role of a typical housewife because the fact that she ran away from her husband indicates that she was trying to run away from her responsibilities and free herself from their relationship. Alternatively, the bride was expected to do all the normal housewife duties such as cleaning, cooking and having an emotional and physical relationship with her husband, which she did not fulfil. Furthermore, in the novel Curley’s wife and her behaviour are considered inappropriate as she flirts with other men on the ranch. Hence, she is referred to as a ‘jailbait’. Being a married woman, society’s expectations were quite high for Curley’s wife. Her ‘ideal’ responsibilities in society were different to her husband’s. This is because at the time society was a male dominant society, women had very little rights and were restricted to their role of being a housewife. In society Curley’s responsibility was to have a job and earn money for himself and his wife. Whilst, his wife was expected to...

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