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Compare And Contrast The Customs Between Two Different Country

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Vietnam is a country, which has long history. Chinese dominated Vietnam for 1,000 years. The French also dominated the country for 61 years. However, Vietnam gets most influence from China, which is one of the most powerful countries in the world after America. However, Viet Nam culture and Chinese culture have
First of all, Chinese culture came into Vietnam long time ago when the feudal came from China and made the most effect to Vietnamese apparatus of government. As the result of this, Vietnamese suffered long miserable time. The varieties of Chinese culture are about alphabet, literature, history, natural science, art, architecture, sculpture, education, religion and idea. The alphabet ...view middle of the document...

Confucianism was developed by Confucius, which entered into Vietnam since Chinese dependency. Vietnamese people however transformed it and made it different yet remained its specific style, called “Nom". The Vietnamese changed and Vietnamized Han script. The architecture is very unique, not only due to its own culture but also basing on Chinese construction such as “Thang Long” citadel, Temple of Literature. Especially, four noble animals mostly used in these construction works were dragon, phoenix, phosphorus and turtle. Dragon stood for king. In imagination, dragon was known as animals controlling the weather. This was the reason why Vietnamese built “Thang Long” citadel, and it became the symbol. Phosphorus symbolizes peace and transparency. Phoenix symbolizes many characteristics. Its head stands for justice. Its eyes are for the sun and the moon. Its back carries dome while feather is grass. Its tail is like star. Its foot stands for earth. Phoenix stands for universe. In Vietnam, we trust phoenix represents noble class, womanliness. Turtle symbolizes for undying and everlasting. In Temple of literature, turtle carries on stone steal which engraved names of doctor who graduated. It’s about 82 stone steal in Temple of Literature.
Secondly, science and technology we learned from China was gunpowder, paper, ink, and gun. In the past, we wrote on the shell of turtle or on stones. When Chinese came, they used paper to write and taught Vietnamese how to write on it. Chinese taught us how to use pen and ink to write on paper, abacus, calendar, and acupuncture. The important thing was examination mode. There are 14-session altogether in which there are 10 formal sessions and 4 secondary sessions. Three honorable positions are first doctoral candidate, second laureate in a...

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