Compare And Contrast The Work Done By One Agency/ Organisation Or Worker With That Done By Another

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Youth WorkerThe day-to-day activities that a youth worker carries out are:A youth worker works closely with young people gaining their trust and by doing this they develop a friendship. The youth worker will then try to encourage and guide the young people to help them understand what they are doing and where they are/can go. A youth worker will do this by communicating in a certain lingo that is identifiable by youth culture. He/she will use relationship-building skills and encourage the youth by praising them for their good work and achievements. They will not talk down to the youth and they will also have street culture awareness, so that they can relate more easily to the youths.The youth worker will try to educate the youths in a informal way and in-order to develop their personal and social skills. This would be done by carrying out teamwork activities i.e. playing games, music, and things that interest them in-order for them to socialise.A youth worker will try to encourage the youths to plan organise activities for themselves. This would help the youths to in their organisational/planning skills. This will motivate youths to get involved, give them a sense of responsibility, and also develop their problem solving skills.A youth worker will use the core values in working with youths by not being discriminative, understanding people from all backgrounds, not being judgemental but being approachable etc.A youth worker will plan, manage and develop youth work by planning activities where also getting input through consultation of the youths, their opinions, provide incentives for attending work shop and having time schedules etc.A youth worker will innovate effective, efficient work practice by meeting and understanding...

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2651 words - 11 pages groups, even the consumption of different types of food at different stages of life may be actively discouraged or encouraged. Historically this can be because of the advantages and hazards of consuming these foods. Foods and nutrition can also be affected by culture, with regard to different beliefs within that culture. For example in India, Islam prohibits the use of pork as it is not considered to be clean meat, as well as ancient Hindu

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1570 words - 6 pages achievements, lifestyles, and aspirations. (Manoney, Trigg, Griffin, and Pustay, 1998, p612). Therefore, standardization strategy indicates that the firm tends to offer the similar products with same price and distribution to the consumers. Coca-Cola was one of the first international businesses to adopt this strategy and obtained a great achievement. By contrast, customization strategy pays more attention to the needs of different customers and tries

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1965 words - 8 pages . Although feeling of being overpaid is not widely studied it is believed that the negative effect of the feeling wears of shortly and has little effect on the worker, (SIOP) however has impact on other workers who might feel underpaid or undervalued. Therefore, all extra inputs must be balanced with extra outputs. Nevertheless one must not forget that first of all employees will compare themselves to co-workers. If one employee will have high rewards

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1299 words - 5 pages war again and again ... just until they are dead."American Elsie Janis performed for British and French troops starting in 1914, and "anticipated Bob Hope in her devotion to entertaining the soldiery." Women entertainers were treated chivalrously by troops, not as sex objects. Doughboys behaved badly towards French women, but put American ones "on a pedestal that grew and grew," as Janis put it. One woman who stayed with 200 doughboys in a canteen

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680 words - 3 pages different seasons, and continue to create new art till the die he died.Monet was a great storyteller through his work, and the best part is that the observer of the painting plays a role in creating that story along side with Monet himself. The Japanese Bridge tells a mystical story in spite of which one of four versions he or she decides to view.

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3076 words - 12 pages concerning the cause of stress at work focus on:1. The importance of worker characteristics2. Working conditionsAccording to one theory, individual differences such as personality and coping skills show that some people are more resistant to stress than others. Friedman & Rosenman's (1974) study on patients with coronary heart disease identified people with Type 'A' and Type 'B' patterns of behaviour. Type 'A' individuals are highly

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2251 words - 9 pages have a major effect on staffing foreign operations. What appears by name to be a job that is similar to what an IHR professional is familiar with from her/his home country may in fact be a job that requires very different skills in another country or to be filled with entirely different qualifications (French, 2007). In China, personal and/or family connections may provide the most important considerations for hiring or job assignments.Since the

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