Compare And Contrast: The Man To Send Rain Clouds And Old Man At The Temple

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While reading different stories, you can find many similarities between the texts. For example, Romeo and Juliet and Pyramus and Thisbe are two stories that have many similarities. Throughout the story, the characters have many of the same traits. Similar events take place in the two stories. All these events lead both stories to a tragic ending. Stories can be similar in many ways. The characters, the setting, and the story line itself. Stories can also be very different. One may talk about an event that will break your heart, while another might bring a smile to your face. The two stories The Man to Send Rain Clouds and Old Man at the Temple have many similarities and differences in their settings due to the place, time, and culture.
The Man to Send Rain Clouds and Old Man at the Temple have many differences and similarities between the places they are told. The place where The Man to Send Rain Clouds is held is on a country side. Many context clues help reveal this. The fact that there are mountains, trees, and sheep involved, all support this hypothesis. In the story, it says, “Leon and his brother-in-law Ken, gathered the sheep and left them in the pen at the sheep camp before they returned to the cottonwood tree.” This suggests that they have some type of ranch where they have responsibilities as sheep owners. The place where Old Man at the Temple is held is an imaginary place. A reader can use the context clues to compare this imaginary place to India. The beliefs mentioned in the story show similarities to Hinduism. This is the religion of India. A similarity between the two places the stories are held in is, they are somewhat private. The characters don’t talk of much interaction between other characters. They are somewhat secluded from everyone else.
Another set of differences and similarities between The Man to Send Rain Clouds and Old Man at the Temple is the time they are held. The Man to Send Rain Clouds is held in a more recent time than Old Man at the Temple. Some context clues that help the reader...

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