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Compare And Contrast The Mentoring Style

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A mentor is someone who shares one’s wisdom, knowledge or experience with one’s junior person so that the person could learn and grow. Mentors have many different style of training or passing on their knowledge to other people. The movie “Something the Lord Made” directed by Joseph Sargent shows a kind of mentoring style in between the two main characters Dr. Blalock and Vivan Thomas who invent a way to treat “blue babies” back in the 40s. Vivan Thomas is a brilliant black men who wishes to go to college, and to become a doctor; however, due to the Depression, he loses all his saving. Instead of going to college, Thomas finds an opportunity to work in the hospital. Dr. Blalock, Thomas’s ...view middle of the document...

Thomas has to bear many disrespectful words from Dr. Blalock in order to learn and study. Similar to Dr. Blalock, Mrs. Kuznicki said some displeasing words to students when she is enraged by them. Sometimes she would humiliate the student who forgot to hand in the homework on time. On the first day of speech team practice, Mrs. Kuznicki told me that my performance is totally unprepared to be on the speech team, and wanted me to quit the speech team so that there are more spaces for better people. Her words struck my confidence. During speech practices, I received many harsh critics from Mrs. Kuznicki for my performance. Even though many people on the team were scared to practice speech with her, I still like to sign up speech practice with her. Although Mrs. Kuznicki was a very straightforward person, and said whatever she liked, which sometimes hurts my self-esteem, her criticism on my mistakes is dead on the target. With her criticizing my act, I had improved a lot. I went from junior varsity to varsity, and finally became a captain of the speech team. Thomas enjoys staying with Dr. Blalock even though Dr. Blalock is a person, as an article written by Katie McCabe “Like Something the Lord Made” says, “hell to get alone with.” Thomas learns many knowledge and surgical techniques from Dr. Blalock. Because of Dr. Blalock’s mentoring of Thomas, Thomas changes from a jobless carpenter to a most high-paid lab technician black man at that time.
Furthermore, Dr. Blalock is generous when it comes to show appreciation for others. Dr. Blalock compliments Thomas many times when Thomas did something spectacular on the lab research. Dr. Blalock says when he sees Thomas’ stitching skill, “Are you sure you did this, Vivien? This is like something the Lord made.” Dr. Blalock always tells Thomas that Thomas picks up things faster than others, and he cannot do all the work without Thomas besides him. When Thomas is unhappy about his job classification, despising breaking the rules of the traditional custom, and circumvents hospital regulation, Dr. Blalock goes to his supervisor to ask for a raise for Thomas. He told the supervisor that Thomas is better than anyone his has encountered in his life; therefore, he needs to keep Thomas with him. Dr. Blalock values Thomas highly, and he trusts Thomas. He lets Thomas runs lab independently. Compare to Dr. Blalock, Mrs. Kuznicki also complimented on people, and gave them benefits or rewards when they did something good. Mrs. Kuznicki would give extra credit to the class if the class did very well in the semester. She also would hold a banquet when the speech team did excellent in the competition. Moreover, Mrs. Kuznicki recognized my improvements, and made me the captain of the...

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