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Compare And Contrast The Population Management Strategies In India And China.

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Compare and contrast the population management strategies in India and China.India and China are both facing the same oncoming immanent disaster if nothing is done to stem the growth of their populations before their natural recourses and food supplies can no longer sustain the increasing pressure being placed on them by overpopulation.China recognized the consequences of their population growth back in the 1950's and quickly implemented a policy aimed at stemming the population growth curve. This policy was named the ONE CHILD POLICY. It stated that for every couple only a single child was permitted. It was distasteful for a majority of the population due to cultural reasons and without the proper enforcement was ineffective with most Chinese neglecting to obey the new laws. This was countered by the government with some changes to the policy and the implementation of an enforcement and education scheme. The main change that was included into the policy was the ability for rural families to have two children instead of just the one which was retained for urban areas. This gave them a greater chance of having a male and also for the need to sustain a large workforce farming the land supplying China with agricultural produce. The government's enforcement strategy was too create enforcement officers that would be allocated a region for which they where responsible in enforcing the policy. Extremely harsh penalties where implemented and an education system was set up to try and educate the population in safe sex with the open availability and distribution of contraception. They also set a propaganda machine into action advertising the benefits of having a small family including a better lifestyle and accommodation. The policy has been extremely effective to this point and has slowed down the countries population growth curve considerably and in the near future the government hopes to have a totally stable population.India has also recognized the need for the implementation of a policy to help stem their population growth however they elected to take a more soft line approach. India was one of the first countries to introduce a family planning policy in the early 1950's. This policy aimed to educate the population on family planning where families would be offered the facilities to plan their families and thus reduce the size of the average Indian family. It was also aimed at educating the population on contraception and sterilization options open to them making these techniques accessible to the entire population. Fifty years later on these steps towards stemming population growth have been inadequate to save India from the oncoming perils of overpopulation as it passes the 1 Billion mark. Many of the states do not uphold the policy and with little to know enforcement its insufficiency is coasting the governments projected growth outcomes greatly. The Indian Government has offered incentives to active participants in its family planning programs in...

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