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Compare And Contrast The Portrayal Of Landscape In At Least Three War Poems Including “Spring Offensive”

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“The soldier” by Rupert Brooke, Wilfred Owen’s “Spring offensive” and Julian Grenfell’s “Into Battle” are poems with portrayals of the landscapes during war. Each poem uses different literary techniques to express their view on the war. Imagery, oxymoron, emotive language, metaphors, personification and similes are used to portray the landscapes of war.
Wilfred Owen uses similes, imagery, oxymoron and emotive language in his poems to portray landscape. The oxymoron of “spring offensive” begins the poem by expressing the oncoming content. With this title, the reader can expect that the landscape will be anything but beautiful with the effects of war looming. Throughout the poem are many ...view middle of the document...

“So, soon they topped the hill, and raced together
Over an open stretch of herb and heather
Exposed. And instantly the whole sky burned
With fury against them; …”

For example in the fourth stanza in lines two to four represents this façade of the landscape by using emotive language and metaphors. By saying “raced together” it shows readers how they are forced to fight together, as one, against the enemy but it is still a competition to survive after the fight and after the war.

Julian Grenfell’s poem “into battle” starts by conveying how vibrant and glorious the Earth is. The imagery of the Earth being beautiful and the constant reference throughout the poem is the representation of the Earth being present during the war and how it will protect the soldiers. Where Owen mentions that the landscape is more of an unrealistic image of the scenery of war, Grenfell uses metaphors to show that it’s the opposite and there is a sense of gentleness throughout the entire poem.
“They stand to him each one a friend;
They gently speak in the windy weather;
They guide to valley and ridge’s end”

This has a similarity to Jessie Pope’s poem, “who’s for the game?” when she mentions that war is a picnic. Grenfell’s words bring an image to the readers of a happy scenery where it is peaceful and where the readers would want to spend time and possibly have a picnic there. This poem is similar to Brookes’ “The soldier” as both have the same calming tone throughout the poem.

Rupert Brookes “The soldier”, represents the landscape of war as the most patriotic of the three poems. He uses emotive language and imagery to break...

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