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Compare And Contrast The Rise And Fall Of Mesopotamia And Egypt

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In this project I plan on exploring the contrasts and comparisons between the rise of Mesopotamia and Egypt. I chose this particular question because during my junior year I took and AP World History class in which we of course studied the worlds history. One on my favorite things that we studied in that class was ancient Empires. Mr. Herman, my AP teacher during that time, went through the Mesopotamian and Egyptian Empires rather too quickly for my tastes. I felt as though there were a lot of things that I missed and would have loved to study. So during my preparations for the AP exams I wrote a brief essay on comparing and contrasting the rise and fall of the Egyptian and Mesopotamian ...view middle of the document...

With that I found that human ego lead fed by greed and sloth lead to the fall of both Mesopotamia and Egypt and that in our world today these two things are also ruining what little growth we have made as a civilization.
In the process of my research I attempted to go to the library in order to get information on my topic but do to transportation issues that has failed terribly. This lead me to the internet.I looked up several different websites and avoided ones with wikispace and things like yahoo answers because i found that those people may or may not be experts and can easily be spreading the wrong information. I used university websites in which professors have written information on these two Empires and I also found websites like Ancienthistorys "Princton Review AP World HIstory Exam 2013”. These texts which are usually used to study for AP tests were particularly helpful in making sure I got the right dates down. This was one of the things I worried about profusely due to the fact that there were several different dates for the rise and fall of both Empires on many different sites in which were all legitimate websites. This issue persiste was one that put a halt in my research for a while. After that was solved I had to find things that were both similar and different about both Empires. I found that they were both similar in being powerhouses in the trade business for of course different with security in their Empires. Egypt was stricter and more organized military wise as well as had a strong central government compared to Mesopotamia’s broken up military and separated powers in city states. This lead me to the realization that wealth, the struggle for power, and military defence play a large role in how an Empire rises and falls, at least in this isolated case. This also lead me to a way to prove that these problems still persist in todays society and that if we don’t learn to recognize this and prevent some of the corruption taking place in these three things then countries are susceptible to failure and in turn completely destroying themselves.
Mesopotamia, the civilization between the Tigris and the Euphrates river was abundant in food and resources similar to Egypt which was near the Nile. Both civilizations had a lot in common from wealth to Military all the way to how they both collapsed; power struggles. People today say "with great strength comes great responsibility" and even hundreds of years ago the same phrase applied.
In 3500 b.c.e an empire called Mesopotamia grew in between the Tigris and Euphrates river and brought as well as dominated in several skills with its rise. Mesopotamia was a large Empire which let in people from different places in all the time. Due to large population and different people coming in Trade in Meso made the Empire a powerhouse. Kush, a city in Mesopotamia was one of the cities that made Mesopotamia a trade powerhouse, Kush specialized in plants and fruits and other products like such. Trade...

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