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Compare And Contrast The Sisters In “Sense And Sensibility” To The Sisters In “The Daughters Of The Late Colonel.”

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British Literature Examination 8Gilbert Lainez Student Number 1053244Compare and contrast the sisters, Elinor and Marianne, in Sense and Sensibility to the sisters, Josephine and Constantia, in "The Daughters of the Late Colonel." Be sure to consider the personalities and priorities of each sister, how the sisters interact with each other, and what their status is after the death of their fathers.Difference among sistersIn Jane Austen's s novel, Sense and Sensibility, we have two main characters which are Elinor and Marianne, who are very different in personalities but have common things between them. In The daughters of the late Colonel, which Katherine Mansfield wrote, we also have two sisters, Josephine and Constantia. They also have some resemblance as sisters, however if we compare these two pair of sisters that come from different families we can find great differences, even though the four of them are women.The Dashwood sisters, Elinor and Marianne, complement each other. Each sisters is different from the other, they differ much in personality. Genius001, author of a review on sense and sensibility, says that Elinor is "sensible, competent and thoughtful", and that Marianne is "impetuous, immature"; each sister has her virtues and vices. As sisters they are both perfect, the oldest is more mature than the youngest. Josephine and Constantia are very much alike, they almost agree in everything, but act in a very girlish way. Between these sisters and the Dashwoods there is not much that makes them similar.Josephine and Constantia are not young at all, they are middle aged women. When their father dies they are totally lost. They really don't know what to do, contrary to the Dashwood sisters who loose their father and decided to move somewhere else and move along in life. These sisters are so lost in life that they talk about hilarious things. A review form Rincon del Vago, points out how the sisters talk about the need of dyeing their dressing gowns and having to wear, as Josephine pictures "... Two pairs of black woolly slippers, creeping off to the bathroom like black cats". They have such odd conversations that are of no great value, even in the story they think they can live by eating food from outside (prepared foods from restaurants) which are very expensive; they don't even know how much anything costs, and that they have to save since there is no income from anywhere.The Dashwood sister's priorities are simple, they want to move forward in life, and they seek love and marriage. They go threw a lot of hardships with different kind of men, who appear as perfect boyfriends at first sight, but at the end their true colors come out. Elinor is very smart, sensible and rational, and in spite the circumstances enveloping her that could get her depressed she lives on. Marianne learns a lot form Elinor and is amazed by her attitude; even so she is a wildly romantic girl. Their priorities are really based on two factors that are illustrated in...

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