Compare And Contrast The Three Appraoches, Transtheratical Model, Moticational Interviewing And Solution Focused Interviewing

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Solution-Focused Interviewing, The Transtheoretical Model, and Motivational Interviewing are three approaches used by practitioners to assist and guide people in changing their behavior. Each approach has its own format and process and this paper will compare and contrast some similarities and differences between these three approaches. This will be done by looking at five client scenarios and comparing and contrasting them with the approaches. The five client scenarios are; the client who wants something and sees themselves as part of the solution, the client who says someone else needs to change, the client who seems uninterested or resistant to changing, the client who wants what is ...view middle of the document...

Both Motivational Interviewing and Transtheoretical model are similar in this case scenario because both approaches set goals and work towards a treatment plan. In contrast Solutions Focused skills looks as what the client has tried in the past and through dialogue works at understanding the client’s perceptions of the problem(s), this is something that is not talked about in Motivational Interviewing or in the Transtheoretical model. All three approaches work with the client in partnership, although Motivational Interviewing and Transtheoretical models have the practitioner being more directive with the client.
When practitioners work with the client who says some else needs to change, the Transtheoretical model state that this person is in the precontemplation stage of change (Diclemente & Velasquez, 2002). This client “is either unaware of problem behavior or are unwilling when it comes to changing it" hence stating that someone else has to change and not being able to see that they possible have the problematic behavior (2002). Strategies used by the practitioner may involve the following, establishing rapport and trust, exploring events that precipitated him/her coming to the session, commending the client for coming, and listen for any motivators for change.
As per Motivational Interviewing, the client who says some else needs to change is in the engaging stage (Miller and Rollnick, 2013). Strategies taken by the practitioner may include using open-ended questions to allow for a richer, deeper conversation, use reflective listening, a way of responding to clients making them feel that they are being heard.
In Solution Focused Interviewing, the client who says some else needs to change is in the initial problem description process. Practitioners do ask the client questions about the problem that may affect the other person, but more importantly the practitioner seeks to understand the client’s perceptions of the problem, listens to the client’s perspective and continues to maintain a “not knowing” stance.
The similarities between these three approaches are that they do not confront the client directly, instead work with the client from where the client is at. They are similar because they continue to talk and work with the client, rather than dismissing them and not working with them. Where the difference lies is that in Solution Focused Interviewing there is a concerted attempt to seek to understand the client’s perceptions of the problem, listens to the client’s perspective and continues to maintain a “not knowing” stance which Motivational Interviewing and the Transtheoretical model do not do.
According to the Transtheoretical model, clients who are resistant...

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