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Compare And Contrast The Two Families

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What is family? To begin, family is just too vague of a word. Family does not have to consist of people who have the same bloodline; family does not have to be people who are married by law. For the “common man” the definition of family are people who unite as one. It should not matter what skin color someone has, it should matter on what feelings people have towards each other, and whether someone’s identity can be found in that family. Furthermore, as for Benjamin, the better family for him is the Komoetie family because of the fact they give him love, a different view of life, and in the end he searches for his own self identity.
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Benjamin has a different view of life based on how he sees the environment in his eyes. The Komoetie family African descent plays hand in hand with her environmental ethics. They see the environment as something that should never be destroyed or harmed in any way, as well as children, in a way the Komoetie see the environment as a child. A child or the environment itself needs love, tender, and care, and should never feel as though he or she will be threatened. Fiela and her family live off the land by raising ostriches ostriches are believed to be seen as a gift from God, a gift that brings hope in which one day they will be wealthy “...the all-good God had not left the Kloof altogether unprovided for, for he had put ostriches there” (Mathee 13). However, the Van Rooyen has the mentality that the environment is not a living thing. The environment is an absolute presence in the world, what is placed on the is for them to abuse. The Van Rooyens, mainly Elias Van Rooyen abuses his use of the environment. “ ...‘it was a trap. An elephant trap.’ ‘how do you know?’ ‘ I went there. There’s a dead elephant calf lying in the pit’ (204), Elias was killing baby calves and ultimately taking them from their mothers. This shows Elias is cruel man taking an living infant from it’s mother and soon life, it is also a parallel of how Elias took Benjamin away from Fiela’s even though Fiela is the one who has been a mother to Benjamin and not Barta.
In general, the Komoties stuck together in their day to day work and...

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