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Compare And Contrast The Way In Which Emerson And Thoreau Represent American Identity?

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Emerson and Thoreau were good writers and they got different idea to explain and make people understand , Emerson was born in 1803-1882. His first book published was” nature” which he express about man and the nature whereas Thoreau was born in 1817-1862 both of them lived in Massachusetts and studied in Harvard and later became friend both of them were writers and critics. Before the American culture was highly influenced by European culture, The comparison between Emerson and Thoreau represent American Identity and both of them are consider as best writers during that time because through their books people gets inspired they tried to talk about self reliance, individualism where it ...view middle of the document...

He tried to change the living life he believed that looks is not important protecting ourself and to work hard ourself to achieve self reliance is most important in our life.Thoreau and Emerson had different idea about how to achieve self reliance and got different technique to achieve self reliance. The example of self reliance are that if we are we are depending on one self we could get through our ways because we are stick wid our own idea so it gives us courages and ,make us feel more determinant towards our goal.
Emerson and Thoreau said about how and individual must act which can be end up trusting with our own ideas. Emerson and Thoreau were among founders of transcendentalism in Americian literature both the writer gave important on soul and nature. According to Emerson, 1837 He sates that, “The world is nothing,the man is all; in yourself is the law of all nature” because man and nature are interconnected with one another and he tried to make simple ways to understand about man and nature. The common in Emerson was self reliance and civil disobedience. Thoreau believed in civil disobendience. He break the law and didn’t pay the taxes as for going against the laws and government he was jailed and he was ever ready to go in. civil disobedience was fact that inorder to be and individual that one must know followers. Both believed that they are especially responsible for themselves and should ask any help from the nation the way they shows idea to the people and through their books it shows Americian identity by the writers.
Both the writers explained about the individualism and both of them believed in individualism. The another example would be both Emerson and...

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