Compare And Contrast Two Slave Narratives From Two Different States

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All of the thirteen colonies that became the United States of America had slaves. The slaves in each colony had different lives because of who their owners were, the task that they performed, and their location. Malcom X said, "There was two kinds of slaves. There was the house Negro and the field Negro"( Malcom X, 1965). Some slaves worked inside while others worked outside. Some slaves were located in the south and other worked in the north. The slaves that worked inside the house were mostly females and few males. The females duties included cleaning the house, preparing dinner, and taking care of the kids. The male duties included butler, coachman, blacksmith, and overseer. ...view middle of the document...

Mr. Johnson was allowed to go to dances, play in a band, and go to church. In Mr. Johnson eyes Mr. Davis really loved his slaves. According to Johnson a little boy got whipped by the slaver driver because he couldn't keep up with the rest of the workers. The boy ran inside to complain to Mr. Davis that he belong to him and he should be the only one to beat him (Interview with Mr. George Johnson, 1941). I was thinking he should be angry if anyone was whipping him but may be the boy was angry because he thought if get whipped only the owner should have that power. Mr. Johnson said, " Next day he fired him. That's what kind of man he was. Fired him, for that nigga. Yes, sir. Master Jeff take up for his nigga" (Interview with Mr. George Johnson, 1941). Mr. Johnson didn't say anything negative about his former owner. In his eyes he was treated fairly as a slave because Mr. Davis respected his slaves and cared about their well being.
Aunt Harriet Smith was a former slave from Texas. She lived on a farmer with her owner Mrs. B, their crops include corn, cotton, watermelons, and pomegranates. Mrs. Smith said, " I can plow and lay off a corn row as good as any man" (Interview with Aunt Harriet Smith, 1941). She never learned to read and write since she worked on a farm no need. In her free time would go to church and dances with her parents and ride horses. Mrs. Smith said, " I went to Mountain City to the white folks' church many a time. You see the white folks would have church in the morning, then they'd let the colored people have church at their church in the evening (Interview with Aunt Harriet Smith, 1941). Her family was allowed to go to church by their self. She stated her grandma was allowed to ride the horse to church (Interview with Aunt Harriet Smith, 1941). Mrs. Smith was not whipped as a slave. Mrs. Bunton’s didn't whip any of her...

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