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Compare And Contrast Universities In Slovakia And Abroad

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Many seniors wonder where they should go to a university. Number of them indecisively sends applications to various schools at home and abroad, other chooses where to go beforehand. There are many factors to be considered. Advantages and of studying at a university abroad as well as in Slovakia can be argued, but what is better and more suitable for you?Studying in Slovakia has many benefits, such as bigger chance of getting accepted, not travelling long ways, staying ...view middle of the document...

However, Slovak universities offer English programs as well as foreign colleges. In addition to in last couple years there have been also us universities in Slovakia, such as university of Seatle. Studying at home is suitable for people not liking changes and not having lots of money for expensive tuitions in countries as the USA.On the other hand, choosing to study abroad has many advantages as well. Firstly, better and well-known schools helpful when applying for jobs. Secondly, experiencing new things; furthermore, getting to know a totally new culture, and lastly, improving language skills. Studying abroad most of the time consists of leaving in a dorm, which can be considered advantageous for some people, according to personal preferences. Nevertheless, lots of people are forced to live in a dorm in Slovakia as well,In summary, both, colleges abroad and in Slovakia have their advantages. Foreign countries are suitable for ambitious people wanting to achieve and experience something new. On the contrary, people who like their friends, family and enjoy being at home, are advised to stay at home and study in Slovakia. You have to decide on your own what is more appropriate for you.

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