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Compare and Contrast Paper One
Former President Barack Hussein Obama and President Donald J. Trump both delivered their Inauguration Speeches on the same day of January 20th to the people residing in the United States of America. Although, they both gave the same speech, they went about it in completely different ways that altered from the usual tradition of speeches, or stuck close to the same general topics of each other. Former President Obama and President Trump both used various techniques in order to strengthen their rhetoric and gain the trust of the American people to better increase their popularity and credibility.
Although Donald Trump and Barack Obama delivered their own separate speeches on January 20th, also known as Inauguration Day, both of their public speeches tended to share some sort of similarity to one another. For example, both of their speeches tended to contain mentions of God and his presence, or the use of bible scriptures; this use of language goes to show how the United States of America tend to be won over with religious tendencies because of how dense our Christian population is. The use of Christianity and God’s will was a tactic they had used to gain the trust and motivation of the people they were going to govern over. With their references to the Bible, they are reinforcing Ethos and Pathos, or credibility and emotion, into their speeches to strengthen their rhetoric; the mention of God and his will not only elicits an emotional response from people, but gives them a foundation of trust because of God’s own credibility. Both of these presidents take reference to how they wish for the well being of our country and want to actively work for it to again gain trust of the American people. However, with these references to the previous presidents, which is a display of Ethos/credibility, they are not only trying to honor them, but are also trying to subtly undermine them to show the American people that they can do just as good as their previous leaders, perhaps even better. They make references to past hardships that America had push through to elicit strong responses from the American people, which the people have come to trust their judgment on the topics because of their new status as president. Obama and Trump also make multiple references to the people of the United States of America having some control to the path our country makes. They do this because in context, our audience is largely democratic because of our nation’s political stance tends to be democratic more likely than not. Appealing to America’s nationalism is another way they both strengthened their rhetoric through the use of Pathos.
As much as Donald J. Trump and Barack H. Obama’s inauguration speech share many similarities, it also shares its fair deal of differences. Like for example, in Barack H. Obama’s inauguration speech, he actually makes reference to the previous actions our nation...

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