Compare/Contrast Julius Caesar To Alexander The Great

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civilization has had a range of great people; two of the most brilliant and influential leaders were Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar. The turning points in history they were involved in were their individual conquests and their unfortunate deaths. Alexander's greatest victory was over the Persians; Caesar's greatest victory was his defeat of Pompey. Their actions and beliefs had their influence on their society and society of today.
Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar set the standard of what a leader should be. However, despite the two leader’s great accomplishments, Alexander the Great is a better leader. Julius Caesar fit the components of being a good leader: an ability to make a good appearance, and an ability to speak well at public gatherings. Caesar was able to change Rome. He dodged outlawing and pirates, changed the calendar and the army, and conquered the area of modern France, and much more in his six years at rule. However, Alexander the Great also held the major three components, and his achievements show that he attempted to adopt democracy. He was considered to have been the foundation of western civilization. Both leaders were betrayed, however Alexander was more betrayed for his good deeds than for his huge weaknesses unlike Caesar. Both leaders are good and influential leaders from their time, but it is Alexander the Great that is better.
Caesar was born into a traditional influential and respected family. It is this influence that he used to make his way to the top of the Roman leadership. His use in warfare and military conquests are legendary although he had at first concentrated in pursuing political actions. He won the first elections in his political career at the early forties. He was elected into the consul. His first deed upon the entry into the consul was to begin efforts to limit the influence and the powers of the democratic government and the senate. His election into the consul was however not without controversy. There were claims of bribing between the parties involved that tried to get Caesar elected into the senior post in Rome. After being elected into consul, he joined forces with two other wealthy and influential individuals in the empire to form the First Triumvirate. This is further seen in his personal choices of the family he married into. He married off his daughter to Pompey, a member of the First Triumvirate. The members of the First Triumvirate had taken control of much of the state. He was rather forceful in his statements to give out areas of land to the needy; he went further and intimidated the opponents with military use.
His dictatorial traits are further seen in the way that he extended his territory and as a result extended his term in office as a consul. Although Caesar was a good leader, it was his faults that brought him to an end; Whereas, Alexander the Great was killed because of jealousy and his good deeds. This was to a point that Alexander was considered to be...

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