Compare/Contrast Of Political Parties: American Independent Party And The Populist Party

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INDEPENDENT PARTY1) Values and Beliefs-Protect the right to life of the innocent unborn;-Stop the undeclared wars which are daily costing American lives and billions of tax dollars;-Stop reckless spending, including foreign aid, and take care of America's domestic needs-End debt financing of both Federal and State governments;-End the Federal income tax, and restore a tariff based revenue system;-Immediately terminate international trade agreements such as NAFTA, WTO, and the proposed FTAA, and stop sending high paying American jobs to foreign countries;-Reduce immigration, and stop all government subsidies to illegal aliens; no driver's licenses for illegals; deport all illegal aliens;-Defend America's moral values; keep God in the pledge of allegiance;-Support high standards in education, including encouragement of private schools and home schooling;-Stop the pillaging of consumers and taxpayers by the energy/utility monopolies;-Defend Second Amendment rights;-Restore a debt free, interest free money system;-Uphold traditional marriage and family values;2)History of the Independents-California's American Independent Party has been a ballot qualified political party since 1968. The American Independent Party, which now has some 300,000 registered members in California, is affiliated at the national level with the Constitution Party.-On July 8, 1967, formal organization of California's American Independent Party was completed at a convention held in Bakersfield. "A new party is urgently needed today because the leaders of the two existing parties, Democrat and Republican, have deserted the principles and traditions of our nation's founding fathers. Control of the government, under the domination of these two existing parties, has left the hands of the people our government was created to serve."-In 1967, Gov. George C. Wallace of Alabama was on the move to run for President on a new party ticket. Wallace supporters greeted with enthusiasm the formation of the American Independent Party.-On August 3, 1968, the delegates to the state convention of the American Independent Party adopted the party's first platform. This document held tremendous significance for A I P activists who had joined the new party because they wanted major changes in public policies.3)Why Independent?-The American Independent Party has kept alive the best of the American principles which have largely been abandon by the Democrat and Republican parties.The American Independent Party has survived for over a quarter of a century because the party has had effective leaders, along with a popular platform, emphasizing respect for life, fiscal responsibility, a reduced role of government in people's lives,...

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