Compare And Contrast Exemptionalism With Environmentalism.

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Access 2007 Quick Reference Card Working with Databases and Objects Keyboard Shortcuts
• To Modify an Object: Open the object or click its tab in the window, click the Format tab on the Ribbon, click the View button in the Views group and select Design View or Layout View.
• To Delete an Object: Select the object and press <Delete>. Click Yes.
• To Rename an Object: Right-click the object, select Rename from the contextual menu, enter the new name, and press <Enter>.
• To Repair/Compress a Database: Click the Office Button and select Manage → Compact and Repair Database.
• To Import Data: Click the External Data tab on the Ribbon and click the type of file you want to import from in the Import group. Follow the onscreen instructions.
• To Export Data: Click the External Data tab on the Ribbon and click the type of file you want to export to in the Export group. Follow the onscreen instructions.
Design View Properties <Alt> + <Enter> Open object in <Ctrl> + <Enter> Design View
Save Object <Ctrl> + <S>
Open a Database <Ctrl> + <O> Close a Database <Ctrl> + <W> Print Current View <Ctrl> + <P> Delete <Delete> Undo <Ctrl> + <Z> Help <F1> Delete Record <Ctrl> + < - > Cancel Changes <Esc> Insert Date <Ctrl> + < ; > Insert Time <Shift> + <Ctrl> + <:> Insert Value from <Ctrl> + < ' > Same Field in (Apostrophe) Previous Record Check Spelling <F7> Switch Applications <Alt> + <Tab>
Cut <Ctrl> + <X> Copy <Ctrl> + <C> Paste <Ctrl> + <V> Find <Ctrl> + <F> Replace <Ctrl> + <H> Select All <Ctrl> + <A>
Next Field <Tab> Previous Field <Shift> + <Tab> Next Screen <Page Down> Previous Screen <Page Up> First Record <Ctrl> + < ↑ > Last Record <Ctrl> + < ↓ > Toggle Navigation Pane <F11>
Getting Started Window
Access 2007 Screen
Tables store related data in rows (records) and columns (fields).
Queries view, filter, calculate, change, sort, and examine the data stored in tables.
Forms are custom screens that provide an easy way to enter and view data in a table.
Reports present data from a table or query in a printed format.
Macros automate common tasks and can be run by clicking a button or pressing a shortcut key.
Modules are groups of procedures written in Visual Basic and used to automate tasks. Page objects have been replaced by Windows Sharepoint Services. Pages in old databases can still be viewed-but not edited-in Internet Explorer.
• To Open an Object: Double-click the object in the Navigation Pane.
• To Create a New Object: Click the Create tab on the Ribbon and click a button for the object or wizard you want to use on the Objects bar.
• To Create...

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