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Compare How Nichols And Alvi Explore The Issue Of Identity In Hurricane

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Compare how Nichols and Alvi explore the issue of identity in Hurricane
Hits England and Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan In this essay I
aim to compare the two poems

Compare how Nichols and Alvi explore the issue of identity in
“Hurricane Hits England” and “Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan”

In this essay I aim to compare the two poems “Hurricane Hits England”
by Grace Nichols and “Presents From My Aunts In Pakistan” by Moniza
Alvi. I aim to analyse the language and structure shape of different
meanings, also to see what acts as a trigger in the two poems and
finally to compare the issues rose about culture.

Both of the poets feelings about their culture are triggered by
something, which makes them think about how they feel. Alvi uses the
presents to act as a trigger, which makes her realise, she isn’t as
happy as what she could be. When she describes herself as ”Staring
through the fretwork,” she shows that she feels torn between the two
cultures. She also feels that she is stuck within the English culture
but wants to widen her knowledge to the Pakistani culture and maybe
even switch her culture. Another meaning to when she says this, is
she doesn’t feel the fretwork is only iron but the English culture is
there stopping her and not the iron frame. Or it could even be
herself that is stopping her because she is afraid of not fitting in
since she has changed so much.

In comparison, Nichols uses the hurricane to act as her trigger,
however, it doesn’t have the same effect on her as it did on Alvi.
When Nichols says “It took a hurricane to bring her closer to the
landscape,” she is talking about herself. When she says this, she
means that ever since she moved to England, she has felt that her
previous culture has just vanished, however, now the hurricane has hit
England it made her think that no matter where she lives, the culture
and her identity which she left behind, will always be there. When
the hurricane actually hit England it made her think about her past
life, it did this because where she previously lived in the Caribbean
there was often a lot of hurricanes.

Both poets express their feelings a number of different ways. Moniza
Alvi compares herself to real things whereas Grace Nichols only refers
to things, which aren’t really there. Alvi talks about her parents’
camel skin lamp then carries on to say, “consider the cruelty,” when
she says this she reflects on her feelings and herself. What she
means by this is that people kill camels for their skin and that she
doesn’t agree with it. However what she really means is that she
feels that the change from an animal to a lamp is unfair just like her
change from one culture to another.

In comparison Nichols uses a paradox to emphasise her feelings. When
she refers to the hurricane as “fearful and reassuring” it shows that
she is unsure about what she feels. However, she thinks that the
hurricane is reassuring because it reassures...

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