Compare How The Two Prescribed Texts, "Bladerunner Directors Cut," & "Brave New World" Explore The Tension Between Humanity And The Natural World

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The relationship between humanity and the natural world is an important factor of life. The quality of this relationship has changed over time and with different cultural values. The novel "Brave New World" and the film "Bladerunner - director's cut" are two texts that hold a deteriorating relationship between humanity and the natural world. This relationship is quite different in the context of both composers' realities. To us, nature is regarded as "In the wild," because of its spontaneous and untamed qualities. Thus, "in the wild" will play a small part in the relationship between humanity and the natural world. Since people have held nature in high regard since the dawn of time (take Adam & Eve for example,) tension between humanity and the natural world could be seen as a deterioration of humanity itself. The novel "Brave New World" was written by Aldous Huxley in the 1930s. The 1930s was a time where people had respectful values towards the natural world. In the novel, humans are no longer born; they are created using the fundamentals of Henry Ford's Model T production line. People are then "conditioned" to have a certain personality and hold specific interests, in order to keep the society's caste system functioning smoothly. This personality involves total disgust for the natural world, and the society promotes promiscuity and opposes monogamy. Thus, the natural world plays no positive role in the lives of "civilised" people in the novel. However, nature still exists, evident with the "savage reservation" - a plot of land in which people live traditional lives and hold cultural values which oppose that of the "civilised" world, such as monogamy and natural birth. People see this reservation as disgusting, "flies, dogs, rubbish everywhere." The lack of appreciation for the natural world is again demonstrated when Bernard Takes Lenina out in a helicopter and stops to view the ocean. Lenina exclaims that "it's horrible!" whereas Bernard, and outcast of his own society, has developed a respect for the natural world. We can see evidence throughout the text that nature cannot be fully phased out of existence. Natural birth can still occur, for example the former Director of Hatcheries and the mother of John the savage. Brave New World clearly demonstrates a deteriorating relationship between humanity and the natural world, opposing the respectful value on nature in Huxley's 1930s context. The film...

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