Compare How Two Poems Of Your Choice Present The Theme Of War Bayonet Charge And Remains English Literature Essay

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Compare how two poems of your choice present the theme of war
In Bayonet Charge and Remains, war is presented as being powerful enough to change a person. In Bayonet Charge, Hughes uses symbolism to portray this whilst Armitage uses the structure of his poem. In Bayonet Charge, the word "clods" is literally clay that can be moulded, however it can be interpreted as the soldiers ability to be moulded by the negativity of war as they do what they're told and learn to be merciless. Hughes' father was a veteran of WW1 and so Hughes' vision and interpretation of war is highly moulded. Hughes does this to illustrate how easy it is to change a person's actions in war since clay can easily be moulded by heat (this imagery of heat is mentioned in stanza 1 as "molten iron". In stanza two, the solider is depicted to be a man who has "jumped in the dark". The word "dark" symbolises how the soldiers are blind to what they're fighting for because when something is "dark", you can't see anything. It could also represent how the soldiers are kept in the "dark" because they're fighting for what they think is right and blindly follow orders without knowing the reality of their situation. The soldiers are mainly weapons for the government and risk and ruin their lives fighting for them. It also symbolises how the situation is similar to a nightmare as the man is unaware of what he is doing but still has an intention and motive. The beginning of the poem, which begins with "suddenly he awoke and was running" conveys how the soldiers always have the same routine and as soon as they wake, they run on instinct. The poet does this to show how the soldiers lives are changed which makes the reader feel sympathy. In the poem Remains, all the lines (excluding the last stanza which could display how life is cut short) portray an order within the army, however there is a lack of a rhyme scheme which contradicts the order of the poem. The poet could be doing this to show how an army may look organised but when they go out, they don’t know what to predict – due to the unpredictable rhyme scheme. The irregular line length shows how the poem is a cluster of mess just like the narrators mind which links...

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