"Compare How Products And Or People Are Represented In Advertisements. Refer To Two Or More Examples Which You Have Studied. Use At Least One Past Advertisement And One Recent Advertisement."

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As I am going to explain to you in this essay, the representation of products and people in advertisements has changed dramatically. I can successfully reach this conclusion by looking at two adverts in particular, one advert made in 1945 and one on the Weetabix website from 2003/2004. By comparing the two 'Weetabix` mediums I hope to prove that advertising companies have changed their strategies over the last 59 years to suit the relative circumstances. Both the print and broadcast media that I am comparing have very similar target audiences, they are targeted at 'housewives with children`and this is shown by many creative devices used by Weetabix.Firstly I would like to point out that in both media Weetabix relate their communications to the circumstances of the country at the time. In the 1945 magazine advertisement, the ideas of the advert are based around the seaside and it being fun to have "Holidays at Home", relating to the war and the rationing which would have been issues at that time. The advert plays on the idea of Punch and Judy, a classic seaside entertainment, to help promote the idea that "fun's FUN wherever you are!". Healthiness and energy are therefore linked to the idea of fun.In my opinion the current website aims directly at the niche group of 'housewives with children`. This is backed up by the websites numerous references to health issues and nutrition. Given the realisation by the current government that Britain is potentially an obese and unhealthy country the average housewife should worry about issues like this.The website is offering free advice and tips about the environmental issues facing the population and the investment into the community made by Weetabix. The website also offers schools free sports...

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