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Compare Research Essay

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Compare ResearchPsychoanalytic theory is a view of personality; its nature and development. It views how, when and why personality changes. Freud said "Personality is like an iceberg in that the conscious aspects of it are all that is visible, the unconscious being the vast bulk hidden as if beneath the water"(, ).The interpretation of dreams can be achieved on one's own dream just as on everyone. We can learn more about are own dreams, this process has more conviction. However, to what extent does it matter how much or how little the dream is remembered? Freud felted that are dreams were nothing but what we fantasize or what we wish. Freud has affirm the actuality of a "censor" which excluded unconscious wishes during conscious states and which in sleep compelled the conversion of unconscious wishes into the disguised conscious form of the dream as experienced by the sleeper. Emotions buried in the unconscious, surface in our dreams, and when we remember parts of dreams it helps us uncover are buried feelings.Freud's defense mechanisms are the unconscious distortions of reality used to protect the ego. The ego is rational, conscious and problem solving. It deals with the real of your personality. The ego also has to deal with the conflicts of the id and the superego. People tend to avoid unpleasantness or anxiety. There are three types of anxiety that Freud has indentify: neurotic, reality and moral (Wagner,).Defense mechanism can be unhealthy. We use defense mechanism to deal with anxiety. A person may use several different defenses. Denial is a mechanism that people use when they are in denial about something that has happen or is currently going on in their lives that had an adverse affect. Anna Freud has described other mechanisms that we used not only denial but also, repression, suppression, displacement, sublimation, projection, intellectualization, rationalization, regression and reaction formation and they all can be used as coping mechanisms for stress....

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