Compare The Different Kinds Of Transportation You Could Use. Tell Which Method Of Travel You Would Choose

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Travelling at short distances is an everyday experience for many people. They often need to go to work in the near town, or visit family and friends, or just to have a rest in their small village. There are several ways for transportation, but which one is the most convenient?One of the most popular and used ways for travelling among people, is by driving their own cars. It surely is really comfortable, because you are your own boss, you don't ...view middle of the document...

But it has some risks as well. Except being a good driver, you have to be ready for emergency situations as well, because one never knows when he will have a flat tyre or overheated engine.Another way for travelling is by bus. Public transport is not such a bad thing, if you forget about the boring films, which are played (or which you are unable to see because your seat is in the deep, dark back of the bus and the person in front of you is 2m tall). Or if you don't mind all the other little inconvenients, connected with the plenty of unknown people around, and the fact that you are nailed to your seat. It is surely more secure than travelling on your own. And you can daydream all the time, or read a book, or just sleep.The third way of travelling is by train. It is absolutely the slowest one. But it gives the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful sights of the nature. It is like a long walk through a gallery, making you feel relaxed, filled with confidence for the beauty around us.If I have to choose among these methods, I will prefer travelling by bus. Not that it is so wonderful, but it is the only way to get to the place I want for a short period of time, easily and without many spokes in my wheel.

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