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Compare And Contrast The Characters Of Malcolm And Banquo. To What Extent And In What Ways Are They Associated With Natural Order ?

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Like his father, King Duncan, Malcolm values bravery 'this is the sergeant who like a good and handy soldier......fought against my captivity'. Although we do not know much about his proven combat ability, we are almost sure that he could be an outstanding warrior, one day. As a King's son and rightful heir to the throne, he is in the line with the forces of natural order.Not only does Malcolm value bravery, he values loyalty too. He is shrewd, intelligent and confident about what he has to do. We detect his political intelligence when he manipulates Macduff, testing his loyalty until Macduff declares that he (Malcolm) is not fit to be King at all. When they both receive the news of the massacre of Macduff's family, Malcolm encourages Macduff to allow his grief convert into anger against Macbeth, and in the end, Malcolm wins a loyal comrade in battle.Like most brave and generous-minded people, Banquo has an honest and trusting nature. He seems to have little suspicion of the dangers hovering around him as he rides out to Macbeth's castle A heavy summons lies like lead upon me,/ And yet I would not sleep; ...'. Later when he suspects that Macbeth killed the King, Banquo does not seem to consider himself, is in any danger, nor does he test Macbeth in any way to find out the truth. He is loyal, honourable and brave but not particularly intelligent; he dies innocent; in spite of his remaining believes for the witches prophecies, a victim of Macbeth's blind ambition.In spite of Banquo's very busy schedule, he still manages to find time to take his son riding. When attacked by the murderers, his instincts tells him to protect his son by calling to him 'Fly, good Fleance, fly, fly...'. This could be seen as Banquo adhering to natural order, a loving father protecting his son, yet on the other hand, it might confirm that Banquo trusts the witches prophesy. Perhaps believing this Banquo upsets the forces of natural order, thus meeting his fatal end. When Macbeth wants to discuss the witches with him again, he agrees - on the condition that he remains guilt-free for he is suspicious : 'My bosom franchis'd and allegiance clear,...'. Banquo refuses to compromise his honour and integrity to get the things he wants. He is willing to wait for the fullness of the time to bring about whatever is coming.The practical side of Malcolm's nature is demonstrated as soon as the murder has taken place. Malcolm realises that it is dangerous for himself and his brother to stay in Scotland,...

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