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Compare The Methods Poets Use To Present Difficult Relationships In The Farmer’s Bride And One Other Poem From Relationships

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Charlotte Mew explores the theme of lack of intimacy during the course of her poem, The Farmers Bride. Various techniques are used to represent the stilted relationship the speaker and his ‘maid’ succumb to. Likewise, The Manhunt, written by Simon Armitage uses various metaphors and semantic fields of war and anguish to illustrate the speaker’s yearning to ‘feel the hurt’ her partner is experiencing and take the pain away. Although, the ambiguous ending doesn’t satisfy this.

The six stanzas in The Farmer’s Bride are of various lengths, with the meter per line varying. Mew uses this as a representation of the in-balance in the relationship of the farmer and his bride. During the last stanza ...view middle of the document...

A contrast to the progression of the poem. However, ‘The Manhunt’ as a title is suggestive of a negative tone.

The imagery of nature and seasons is representative of the farmer and his bride’s relationship. It’s said that, ‘the blue smoke rises to the grey sky…still air falls slowly down…a magpie [‘s].’ The dark colours such as ‘blue’ and ‘grey’ are a message that the setting is now autumn time. The dark colours of autumn symbolise that things aren’t getting better for the farmer and his wife, with ‘a magpie’, which has connotations of bad luck, supporting this. The ‘blue smoke rises’ has connotations of the farmer’s growing unrest and possible anger of the lack of intimacy they share. Like he is about to lose control. This could be a foreshadowing of the farmer finally losing control during the final stanza where he frantically fantasies of ‘the soft young down of her…her eyes, her hair, her hair!’ Through constant repetition, Mew, shows his raging feelings finally bursting out, like he’s only started to notice her and feel her. Although, his satisfaction is merely due to her bodily features whereas, the wife in The Manhunt is intensively searching to mend the damage inside her husband. She longs to ‘picture the scan, the foetus.’ This is indicative that the ‘bullet’, which is a representation of his hurt, is still only premature and young. Broadening the idea that the husband is still traumatised and his trauma is only going to grow and develop ‘beneath his chest.’ The wife is determined to still find her once love as she ‘widened the search’. Using...

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