Compare The Operation Of Three Cases:"I Will Phone You Back","London Zoo" And "Executive Holloware"

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Compare and contrast2.1. Transformation model: although all operations conform to the general input-transformation-output model, there are differences between different operations.2.1.1 Inputs to the transformation processa. Transformed resources: the resources that are treated, transformed or converted [7].Executive Holloware": the transformed resources are the raw materials. The company uses some metals such as pewter and stainless steel to product top quality hollowware.I will phone you back: the Oilpartz Ltd. Produce some components, so the transformed resources are raw materials, too.London zoo: in this case the transformed resources are passengers and tourists.b. Transforming resources: the resources that act upon the transformed resources [7].Executive Holloware: its transforming resources consist mainly of buildings, machinery.labour, and technology.I will phone you back: the transforming resources are buildings, machinery, labour, machinists and technology.London zoo: the transforming resources are the facilities in the park and the staff of the zoo.2.1.2 transformation processExecutive Holloware: materials processingI will phone you back: materials processingLondon zoo: customer processing2.1.3 Outputs from the transformation processa. Tangibility: usually products are tangible. you can physically touch them. Services are intangible. You cannot touch them.Executive Holloware: tangible;I will phone you back: tangible;London zoo: intangible.b. Storability: products can be stored; services are non-storable.Executive Holloware: storableI will phone you back: storable.London zoo: non-storablec. Transportability: goods can be transported. However, the intangible services are difficult to transport.Executive Holloware: transportableI will phone you back: transportableLondon zoo: no transportabled. Simultaneity: products are always produced prior to the customer receiving them [8]. In the other hand, services are often produced simultaneously with their consumption.Executive Holloware: non-simultaneousI will phone you back: non-simultaneousLondon zoo: simultaneouse. Customer contact: products involve a low contact level with customers, because the production and consumption are separate. Most customers have no direct contact with the operation. Customer contact is made through distributors and retailers. How ever, services involve a higher level of contact between the customer and the operation. The customer is typically present during the creation of the service.Executive Holloware: low customer contactI will phone you back: low customer contactLondon zoo: high customer contactBut in the shop of the Executive, the customer contact is high; similarly, the customer contact of the feeding department of the London zoo is low. So they are not very absolute.2.2 Types of operations (4Vs):4V stands forThe volume of the output;The variety of the output;The variation in the demand of the output;The degree of visibility that customers have of the...

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