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Compare The Structure And Function O The Cnidocyte In Cnidarians To The Colloblast In The Ctenophores

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The two phyla Cnidaria and Ctentophora makeup the radiate animals. Most radiates have tentacles or oral extensible projections around the oral end that are armed with cells that may function in defense and capture prey. The cells found within the tentacles are structurally and functionally unique to each phylum, such as the cindocytes in Cnidarians and colloblasts in Ctenophores. Cnidarians capture prey with special stinging cells called cindocytes. These cells are found throughout the epidermis but are particularly abundant in the tentacles. Cnidocytes contain a cilium or modified cilium structure with a kinetosome at its base. This structure is known as the cnidocil and ...view middle of the document...

The osmotic pressure falls rapidly, opening the operculum and increasing the hydrostatic pressure. The increased pressure everts the thread and drives the nematocyst from the cnidocyte. When the nematocyst is discharged, its cnidocyte is absorbed and a new one replaces it. In the Hydra, there are three functional types of nematocysts. First, Pentrants, these are comprised of a tube that is open at the tip and usually armed with barbs and spines. When they are discharged, they penetrate the prey and inject poison. The open end of the 'thread' /filament may inject protein toxin that produces a sting. FIG2 DISCHARGED NEMATOCYSTSecond, some nematocysts function by entanglement such as the volvents. These cnidocytes have a tube that is closed at the end, unarmed, and coiled. When discharged they wrap around an entangle prey. The third type are glutinants. The tube of glutinants is open and sticky. This type responds only to mechanical stimuli and it secretes and adhesive substance used in locomotion and attachment.Nematocysts are absent in Ctenophores with the exception of Haeckelia rubra. They are supplied with adhesive cells called colloblasts. The colloblast produce a secretion of use in capturing small animals, which serve as food. They do not function to inject toxins into prey.Cnidarians possess nematocysts that are abundant in tentacles. These function to either entangle, sting, or adhere to prey. However, in the Ctenophores the tentacles possess colloblast. Colloblast are structurally different to nematocyst. They function to adhere to prey.

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