Compare The Text "Prey" By Michael Crichton To The Film "Bladerunner" And The Book "Frankenstein". What Aspects Of The Three Texts Are Similar?

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The aspect of "Frankenstein" is common to both the novel "Prey" and the film "Bladerunner." This aspect is significant to both of the texts, as the actions and consequences of the Frankensteins are what the plots of both texts are based mainly upon. In Prey, the Frankenstein of the literature is the Nano-swarm, while in Bladerunner it's the renegade replicants.The renegade replicants of Bladerunner and the nano-swarm of Prey exhibit similar properties, in that they are both artificially created by man, both self-aware and they both inflict harm upon their creators. These properties are also shown by Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, which shows that those two objects are the Frankensteins of their respective texts. However, those two also exhibit fundamental differences that set them apart, like the level of self-awareness in which they achieve, and their objectives.The nano-swarm is a cloud of particles, which evolves according to its environment, and the stimuli that it encounters. It can think for itself, it is able to respond to stimuli, and it can use food to self-replicate. This essentially makes it a living organism. It does not exhibit any sort of emotion when it is in its cloud-state, except fear (backs away from explosions in the cave). The swarm has seemingly only two primary functions, to self-replicate, and to hunt down other organisms in order to provide nutrients for growth.The replicant is a genetically engineered creature composing of entirely organic components, which is designed to resemble humans. The design can be best summed up by the slogan "more human than human." The replicant experiences emotion just like humans, and is many times stronger and faster. The main objective of the renegade replicants is to be exactly the same as humans, e.g. extended lifespan rather than the limit of four years.The nano-swarm is similar to the renegade replicants, in that they are both man-made. The nano-swarm is created by the scientists of the Xymos Corporation, while the replicants are created by the Tyrell Corporation. They were both created for commercial purposes. However, the nano-swarm was created as a stealth surveillance system, while the replicants were created for use as military or industrial replacement for humans. The two purposes are different to each other, because the former purpose acts like a tool for humans to use, but the latter is meant to be a total replacement for humans.Moreover, the two creations have both achieved self-awareness, a feature that is also present in Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. The swarm is able to react to stimuli and respond to it without outward control. The swarm thinks for itself, is able to recognize itself as an entity, and does the best to preserve its own existence. The replicants go one step further than the nano-swarm, as they can experience real emotions, and have more advanced needs than the nano-swarm. An example would be the replicants extreme lust for extended lifespan. This is definitely...

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