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Compare How The Organizational Structures And Communication Policies Of The Communications Task Force And Company K

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Organizational StructureLevels of HierarchyCompany K in its global context has five levels of management. Company K is a large organization with over 70 area offices. It is Mr. Tanaka's dream to build the world's highest elevating systems through modern technology. In theory, an organization with rigid rules, high formalization and different levels of management, narrow span of control, high centralization, and specialized division of labor is most likely a tall, mechanistic and bureaucratic organization. Subsequently organizational chart or internal structure of the Company K's hierarchy of authority consists of Toronto Area Office and Vancouver Area Office at the lower level who reports to General Manager (supported by the Field Operations Manager), who reports to Canadian Operation's Vice President. In the Finance and Administration Lily is the Administrative Assistant. As the hierarchy of authority continues the Vice President reports to North American Regional Office in USA (supported by The Regional Office Support which looks after production, engineering, marketing and human resources), who reports to Global Headquarters based in Japan. Revealing rigidity in its policies and structure, all the tasks, responsibilities, authorities, and defined rules are allocated within the organizational members. For instance, at the Global Operations Centre, a Rules Manual was issued including instructions on how to fill in color-coded company forms and a step-by-step procedure on how to sew a logo patch on a mechanic's uniform. While its Canadian component has three levels of hierarchy, it is more flexible and flat in its structure. Especially in Vancouver Office Area, no job descriptions were provided, and reporting functions were unclear. For instance, the superintendent in Vancouver Office Area reported to Dylan (Area Manager) but he co-coordinated directly with the Regional Office on construction details. No rigid rules were imposed on to subordinates that they should report to someone above them unlike Company K's global and international structure.On the other hand, The Bank of The Pacific is a large organization with many levels of management, and operates with high degree of formality. Many levels of management, high degree of formality, rigidity in the structure and policies, depict that this organization is tall, hierarchy and mechanistic. However, its subsidiary, Westcoast Capital is not as large as the bank, nor is it quite as rigid in its structure and policies.The one branch of its subsidiary is called the Personal Investments Management Group located in Richmond, B.C. This branch has a formal structure, but one that seems to allow flexibility, wider span of control, wider division of labor which is more likely a flat hierarchy or neoclassical organization. This branch has five levels of hierarchy. The hierarchy of authority consists eight support staff who report to Branch Administrator, who report to Portfolio managers, who report to...

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