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Compare The Ways In Which Pip Views Joe As A Child As He Grows Up In "Great Expectations" By Charles Dickens.

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In this essay I will be explaining and comparing the ways in which Pip, as a child, views Joe as he grows up, in "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens."Great Expectations" was written in 1861 by Charles Dickens. However, it was set early in the 19th century. Throughout "Great Expectations" Dickens explores early Victorian England, and how much money meant to people, how much it changed people and turned them into snobs at that time.Some of Charles Dickens' past may have triggered him to write this book. Charles Dickens's father was jailed for debt - like Pip in Great Expectations. Charles was mortified about his father's imprisonment; this had a massive impact on him, and Charles lived in great fear of poverty.By using his own history and experience Charles Dickens tried to get across that in those days if you were in debt you would be put in prison. For a sensitive man like Dickens, who wanted to be considered as respectable he made sure he worked really hard to avoid this.Charles Dickens took up a cause of social justice. Although, in those days there was a big barrier between the rich and poor, Charles wanted social and financial fairness for all, just like in the story of "Great Expectations".This barrier between the deprived and the wealthy led to his message for all to be paid fairly so that they were free from debt and respected. Nevertheless, the acquisition of wealth in the rising middle classes led to supercilious amongst the two classes, from those who had money.(In 1850 a cooks wage was a year which in nowadays is only 50. In 1850 a pound was equal to ) Also, normally for an average worker's 1/3 of pay went towards rent. Even if people missed the rent by only couple of shillings, they would be evicted by the landlord.Money was not the only dilemma people were apprehensive about.In those days there were many deathly diseases which lead to death and coincidently, this problem is illustrated in "Great Expectations"; when Pips' parents and brothers die from a fatal disease. In those times money would not save you from a deathly disease; Prince Albert died typhoid even though he was one of the wealthy people in those times.The moral themes of "Great Expectations" are affection, loyalty, and conscience and most importantly how wealth and class affect people.Charles Dickens creates the theme by showing Pip learning this lesson of moral and rightness. Dickens establishes the theme by investigating ideas of ambition and self-improvement; these ideas become a huge part in the story and encourage more of pip's development.In his heart Pip is an optimist; when he can imagine something that is better than what he already has, he instantly needs to obtain the improvement and advancement.Pip's craving for self-improvement is the main focus of the book's title, because pip believes in the possibility of progression and development in life; he has "great expectations" about his future. He wants to become a gentleman and Pips ambition and...

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