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Compare The Ways The Writers Present The Relationships Between Parents And Children In Romeo And Juliet, Her Father And My Father Thought It Blood...

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In this essay, I am going to compare the ways the writers present the relationship between parents and children in Romeo and Juliet, Her Father and My father thought it Bloody Queer.

All parents love, care and protect their children in different ways.

At the beginning of Act 1 scene 2 in “Romeo and Juliet”, Lord Capulet seems like a caring and loving character as he is reluctant to allow Juliet to get married with whomever she loves. At this point, his intention just want Juliet to be happy as Juliet is his only child. This can be shown in the line 1.2.15 where Lord Capulet said: “She’s the hopeful lady of my earth.” This suggests to the audience that he cares, love and value his daughter. It also shows that he is saying Juliet is the only heritage of Capulet’s life as she is the only child of his body. Shakespeare utilises the word “earth” which is a metaphor to express the Capulet’s affection towards his daughter- Juliet. This metaphor is used because Shakespeare wants to emphasis the uniqueness as well as the importance of Juliet to her father. Additionally, his intention was to further evoke the idea that Juliet is very precious to Lord Capulet. This suggests to the audience that he has an intimate relationship with his daughter. An audience at the time would think that Lord Capulet is very caring and considerate of his daughter. Whereas, a modern audience would think that Lord Capulet has high expectation of his daughter- he wants Juliet to achieve what he wanted; he won’t tolerate any mistakes from her.

Equally to Capulet in “Romeo and Juliet”, the father in “Her Father” is also a caring and loving character. He is “at hand” when his daughter meets her date. This indicates to the reader that the father is protective of his daughter; he doesn’t want her associating with the wrong people. Therefore, he wants to participate in his daughter’s activity in order to understand more about her social life and her friends. Although his presence causes the lovers to be “embarrassed, stiff, and cold”, his daughter’s boyfriend understands why he “joined [them] there”. As he comes up with a conclusion that the father’s “love will last” despite of “Time, and wrack and foes”. Hardy has used a triple here to demonstrate the unconditional love that is given by the father. This triple is used as Hardy wanted to make the text memorable- it keeps in the reader’s mind. Some reader may consider Hardy has used a metaphor here to emphasis his affectionate towards his daughter. This metaphor is used as Hardy wanted to create a vivid imagery to capture the reader’s mind. This makes the reader think that he is a loving father.

As with the father in “Her Father” and “Romeo and Juliet”, the father in “My father thought it Bloody Queer” love and care for his son. This can be shown in the first stanza where he said: “You’ve lost your head. If that’s how easily you’re led.” This indicates to the reader that the father is protective of his son; he doesn’t want him...

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