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Compare Three Poems From Within The Relationship Cluster To John Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice & Men’

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‘Of Mice & Men’ is a novel written by John Steinbeck, set in the Great Depression era of the 1930’s tells of a journey of two itinerant workers in search of the American Dream which gives readers the real experience by taking them on an emotional rollercoaster. Three poems written by different poets share many similarities with the novel; ‘Brothers’’ by Andrew Forster, the title of the poem gives away a great deal as the poem is based on sibling rivalry between three siblings. Charlotte Mew’s ‘The Farmers bride’ is loosely based on attitudes towards women in the late 19th century and provides a stereotypical view on how women were objectified, and ‘Nettles’ by Vernon Scannell which ...view middle of the document...

“Sheffield Wednesdays chances in the cup…” The narrator of the poem is seen as young and immature and tends to act more superior than someone more closer to his age group. This relates to ‘Of Mice & Men’ as in chapter two and throughout the rest of the novel, Lennie is seen mimicking George and so he is seen as an inspiration to Lennie. Toward the end of the poem the narrator sends his younger back home to get hold of bus fare from their mother. Thus proving no matter how old a boy shall always rely on their mother. The two older siblings use the opportunity to their advantage and they leave him behind. However, at the end the narrator makes a literal reference to their distance “looking back…” however this is also seen as a metaphorical reference to their distance as the tone is regretful and nostalgic. George has the same reaction in ‘Of Mice & Men’ when he resorts to desperate measures and kills Lennie to avoid him going to jail after he runs into trouble again and accidentally kills Curley’s wife, (only female character in the book). The fact that there is only one female character in the novel reflects the true nature of men’s stereotypical nature.
The ideas of masculinity and female stereotyping are presented in Mew’s poem ‘The Farmer’s Bride.’ The title creates the idea of possessions in the readers mind and connotes negativity as well as border-line state of mind. The title is a literal reference to the farmers’ wife who feels imprisoned by her husband’s domineering ways. ‘Steinbeck’s ‘Of Mice & Men’ has similar meaning as the only female character in the novel, known only as ‘Curley’s wife’ desperately craves natural male attention which ultimately leads to her death. George describes her as ‘jailbait’ due to her constantly flaunting herself and her ever dubious ways. The ranch is situated in Soledad; Soledad means loneliness which Curley’s wife happens to be a symbol of. James Fenton’s poem ‘In Paris with You’ is also similar to Mews poem as the female narrator is thought of as sexual. The first stanza of ‘The Farmers Bride’ begins; “Three summers since I chose a maid…” this quote shows that in the late 19th century it was thought that women were made for a purpose, for men, men were supposed to ‘pick’ women and make use of them evermore. Not to love but to use. The male in the relationship is expectant towards the women, as we find out in the...

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