Compare Wordworth'spoem"Nutting" With "Blackberrypicking". Essay

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Discuss the loss of childhood and the awakening into the adult world in 2 poems you have studied (you should look at three poems). The title of Wordsworth's poem, "nutting" Wordsworth was born in Cumberland in 1770 and went on to establish himself as a great poet, and also to mark what is known as the "romantic movement". He is a renowned and respected poet, with his preoccupation of man's relationship with his environment giving way to the inspiration of many great poets that followed him, such as Seamus Heaney. Wordsworth's influence is clearly evident in many of Heaney's greatest works, such as "Death of a Naturalist" and "Blackberry Picking". Heaney reflects his presentation of childhood and the eventual awakening into the adult world in "Nutting" in both these poems, yet, they are displayed very differently. In all three poems, the author is looking back in retrospect and, even though the pre-occupation of nature dominates each of them, this attributes each poem with a sense of individuality and realism. The structure of all these poems is also very similar. They all contain two very likely stanzas meaning they read like a narrative, and allow the author to re-create the situation in detail. The structure is also used by the poet's to express the transition from childhood into adulthood.immediately sets the reader in a woodland scene, reinforcing the theme of nature and also creating a suitable atmosphere for wordsworth to recreate his experience. It also suggests a sense of adventure, of "venturing out" into some strange, unknown territory. This is then further emphasised by Wordsworth throughout the first stanza, and particularly at the beginning where he depicts the preparation for that day. In the first six lines Wordsworth creates a very happy, hazy summer day filled with promises of adventure and excitement. He describes it as, "one of those heavenly days that cannot die", making the day seem almost like some sort of idyllic fantasy. There is a strong air of anticipation created in these first lines, as Wordsworth describes how his " boyish hopes" bring him "sallying forth" into the "far distant wood". He is full of genuine enthusiasm, creating a picture of childish expectation and demonstrating his innocence and vulnerability. Wordsworth's description of himself is almost comical and his tone is mildly humorous as he says, " a figure quaint....more rugged than was need!". This gives us a very visual image as the author remembers his childhood self setting out, full of purpose with his "nutting crook in hand". It is as though he is trying too hard to fit in, as though he is creating some kind of " disguise" that will allow him to become a part of the natural world. It is not fully convincing though, and he is still not quite part of the rural world. As the boy encounters this adventure, Wordsworth describes the scene in great detail creating luscious, vibrant woodland. He is obviously very determined as he remembers that...

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