Compares Louise Erdrich's "The Lady In The Pink Mustang" To The 1990 Movie "Pretty Woman".

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Nowadays, movies are influenced by texts such as novels or plays. Movies could be based off of the text where it displays similar characteristics, but do not fully display all of the main ideas. Some movies might not be based from a certain text but still have similar themes. Louise Erdrich's The Lady in the Pink Mustang is a poem that discusses the life of a woman who is constantly moving from place to place because she is a prostitute. The 1990 movie Pretty Woman is about a prostitute whose life changes when she meets a wealthy businessman. The poem and the movie share a theme in which the main characters are judged unfairly because of their profession. Today's society has a much different view of prostitution than in past centuries. In old days, prostitution was more widely accepted and was also much more common. A woman's body should be her most prized possession, and should not be judged because of what its owner decides to do with it. The poem and the movie are prime examples for how society views prostitution today.

Today's society tends to have a harsh view towards prostitution. The act of engaging in sexual activity in exchange for money is frowned upon and those who do it are not treated fairly. In the nineteenth century, prostitution was very common and even legal. It was so common that men of some sort of power were expected to participate in acts with these women. But now, two centuries later, things are not the same. It is not as common; the women who choose to live this lifestyle claim that it is their best option. In most states, the act of prostitution is illegal and if a woman is caught, she could be sent to prison. These women today are no different from the women of past centuries, but society's view of these women has changed. No matter what they decide to do in order to make a living, women should be treated like princesses and their bodies sacred. A person's profession does not define who they are, and so they should not be judged based on that.

The Lady in the Pink Mustang's title character can be inferred as a prostitute through context clues. The unnamed woman is described as a "body" which makes the reader think that she is nothing more than just that. All she has is her pink Mustang, which she drives around looking for business. She is called "the body disposable as cups" which makes the reader feel sympathetic towards her. Men use her body and then are rid of it like disposable cups. It makes the reader wonder if she chose to be treated this way or if she has to be this way.

Vivian Ward, the main character of the film Pretty Woman, is also a prostitute. She works the streets of Hollywood with her friend Kit. Wearing skimpy outfits, Ward finds men off...

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