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Comparing A Cell's Nucleus To The Fuse Box Of A House

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Our comparison is between the fuse box of the house and the nucleus. The nucleus of a cell has three parts; nucleus envelope, nucleolus and the nucleus. The nucleolus is inside the nucleus and the nuclear envelope surrounds everything. The nucleolus is filled with jelly like substance, called nucleoplasm. The nucleus is like the “brain” of the cell, and the fuse box is like the ‘brain” of the house. They both have the same thing in common because they both control if we didn’t have a nucleus in the cell, it would not be able to function, and if we didn’t have a fuse box in the house it a lot of things would not operate.
Our comparison is between the mitochondria and the power lines that give energy to the house. The mitochondria’s energy is stored in two types of molecules carbohydrates and lipids. Carbohydrates have fast energy and lipids have long term energy. They both have the same thing in common because they both put out power. If we didn’t have mitochondria, the cells would not have power. If we didn’t have power lines the house would be powerless and nothing would work.
Our comparison is between the ribosome and power outlets in the house. The ribosome of a cell has four types of macromolecules. Those four types are carbohydrates, lipids, nucleic acids, and proteins. The protein is vital to cell function because proteins do pretty much everything. Some of the things they do are signaling, structure, communication, transport movement. So our analogy is good because they both are there to do whatever needs to be done. The power outlets let anything that’s plugged into them work, and the ribosome does almost everything the cell needs.
Our comparison is between the endoplasmic reticulum and an oven in the house. The ER is located around the nucleus. There are two types of ER’s; rough ER and smooth ER. The rough ER is studded with ribosome and proteins are processed directly into the rough ER. The smooth ER has no embedded ribosome and it is the checkpoint for finished proteins. If the protein is folded correctly it is then packaged and released to Golgi, if it’s not it is dissembled and re-built. We compared the ER with an oven because when you put raw material and if it’s made rite it cooks, but if it’s not made rite you have to re-make it. The same process happens in the smooth ER.
Our comparison is between the cell membrane and the walls and roof of the house. The cell membrane protects, holds together, and is a barrier to things trying to get in or out. What passes through the cell membrane is determined by size, shape, and polarity. The smaller the molecule the easier it gets through the membrane. With a house structure it protects anything going in and coming out like rain, sleet, or snow coming in and heat and air going out. Without our walls, roofs, windows, and doors on a house, things would pass in and out to easy. The cell membrane has the same role in protecting what comes in and goes out.
I compared the Golgi apparatus...

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