Comparing A Non Denominational Church With The Catholic Denomination

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When choosing a religious service I was very limited on my choices so I was intrigued to go back to my roots and try the Catholic denomination. This denomination is the one that is most prevalent in my community and also in my social circle as well. Since I have actually been to a Catholic church as a child I thought I knew what to expect but I was shocked at how naive I was to the subject. My preconceived ideas and thoughts were that there would be a lot of getting down on your knees then back up again then saying your Hail Mary’s with not much depth to a service. Also growing up with a social group that was full of Catholics you would always hear of confession so that was something I was particularly dreading for the fact that I did not quite understand the concept and believe in it. This did not take place however which was a sigh of relief on my part cause I was not ready for that big of a leap from my own comfort zone.
Attending a non-denominational church we start out with worship and being free to sing and dance and let our spirits take over. This may come out as someone running around the pews, or on their knees, but while in the Catholic Church the environment was much different. It was a lot more structured and formal in a sense than that of the non-denominational church where I practice my faith. Another difference was the offering, or as the Catholic Church calls it, the Gift. I am use to this concept, but rather than taking Gifts at the beginning of the service they take it at the end; then came communion. This is where you take part in eating the bread and drinking the wine in symbolism of Jesus’ body and blood. This I was also familiar with, but was informed by the couple that I went with that they partake in communion every service, while in the non-denominational church we only partake in the communion once every month, usually at the beginning. Most individuals are familiar with church being held on Sundays, but the Catholic Church that I attended in my hometown and most commonly every Catholic Church has service every day. This is quite different from the church that I attend where we only have services Sundays and Wednesdays.
I felt extremely lost and confused while in the service. The Catholic Church has many prayers, hymns, and kneeling down at certain times that were pretty overwhelming after awhile. The whole service is, like I said earlier, very structured. To understand and decipher much of what was going on I studied the Ordinary time-Christ the King Today’s Missal. With this I was able to keep up with the prayers they were reciting throughout the service and also it gave me guidelines on the proper steps to take throughout the whole service.
When reading through the chapter I related mostly to the definition or idea of religion that states, “A god or other spiritual being revealed religion and religious truths to human beings at some point in their development” (Hopfe and Woodward 4). This is what I relate...

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