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Comparing A Tabloid And A Broadsheet

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Both articles comment upon the Government's plans to introduce ID cards and how it will affect society. Also the news account both articles are discussing is similar.The London School of Economics has called for ID cards to be abandoned (discarded) since the government has not considered the scheme through completely. The content of the tabloid is similar whereas the way they report the story is different.The appearance of the layout differs from the tabloid to the broadsheet as the tabloid displays a clearer layout as we can see a bold headline in the centre which is striking. A large, underlined subheading which explains to the reader what the article is about. A picture above the byline, also an affective image of an ID card and a caption below it which gives the reader an understanding of the story. The broadsheet demonstrates a more complete set of informative information. Also the headline is not as big in size which won't attract immediate attention. Also there is an absence of a picture due to the fact that the broadsheet is made for a higher class of sophisticated people who don't need pictures to understand the news story. Another conspicuous difference is the layout of the writing in both articles as the tabloid contains writing which is set out around the headline and subheading whereas the broadsheet is set out in a more structured format which is ordered in columns below the headline and sub heading.In addition the tabloid consists of the writer's email address incase of queries about his article whereas the broadsheet doesn't.The headline in the tabloid (IDIOTIC) is very appropriate towards the news story as they both relate to one another. The headline is a pun "IDIOTIC" which is very dramatic and attracts attention towards the reader, and the "ID" part is written in a bold black colour to stand out towards the reader. Also it is a play on words and gives the reader the impression that the idea of ID cards is foolish (idiotic). It is very obvious but if the reader has misunderstood this headline there is a small caption below which is self-explanatory. The headline is very audacious and comprehensible which makes it the strength of the tabloid. The broadsheet headline "Spiralling costs could kill off ID card plans" in comparison is a very informative headline which isn't very eye-catching and informal, also there is a metaphor in the headline which is kill which gives the reader the impression that ID card plans are about to die. . In my opinion, out of the two headlines I would favour the tabloid headline compared to the broadsheet as it is straight to the point, opinionative and attention catching.I surmise that the tabloid article is targeted upon quick readers or people in a hurry who want the news fast, also this article in my opinion could be aimed upon young people or people of medium status who aren't very interested in spending a long time reading the news. A proof upon my claim that this article is aimed towards...

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