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Pakistan, 1986. Zahid was a Muslim priest who had been brought up to hate and kill those with conflicting beliefs, especially Christians. He often persecuted Christians in town, feeling that by doing so, he would please Allah (the Muslim god). One day when Zahid was persecuting Christians, someone dropped a Bible. Rather than disposing of it, as he normally would have, Zahid hung onto it because he felt compelled to read it and expose its errors. In short, Zahid converted to Christianity and shared the Bible’s teachings with everyone. As a result, he was considered a traitor. Zahid began to experience much of the persecution he had carried out against many Christians. For two years he was imprisoned, beaten, tortured, and eventually sentenced to be hung to death (DcTalk 53-54).

The sort of persecution Zahid dealt out and later experienced himself occurs daily in various places of the world. In the days following September 11, though, most people were quick to hide differences between the Christian God and Allah. Muslims and non-Muslims alike explained that Muslims are good people and worship the same god Christians worship. Due to the politically correct mindset of today, most people accept this statement without questioning it. They fail to recognize the many differences between the Christian God and Allah. The question must be asked, though, if Allah and the Christian God are the same – if Christians and Muslims worship the same god – why do many Muslims hate Christians with such a passion; why do they kill Christians? By comparing the characters of Allah and the Christian God, it can be seen they are actually quite different (Speight 108).

Although much obvious evidence of the hatred many Muslims feel toward Christians exists, many people do not know of this enmity. They take a look at some basic traits of Allah and of the Christian God and think they are the same. Take, for example, the common trait of a monotheistic god who is creator, sustainer, and ruler of the world. Allah, like the Christian God, is seen as the most powerful being in the world; no one even comes close to comparing to him. Similarly, no one can share power with him. Both beings also play a role in creation – they not only created the world and everything in it, but also constantly hold it together. Many people look at these similarities and, as a result, think the two beings are same. By looking at each in greater detail, though, the differences quickly become obvious. (al-Araby 44; Haneef 13-14, 15).

Although both Allah and the Christian God are seen as monotheistic by their followers, Muslims see the definition of a monotheistic deity a little bit differently. Or, looking at it another way, Muslims do not understand the Christian doctrine of the Trinity. In Christianity, God is seen as one, but at the same time as having three distinct “persons” – the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Matthew 28:19 says, “Go therefore and make disciples of all the...

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