Comparing And Contrasting Aunt Ida With Christing In A Yellow Raft In Blue Water By Michael Dorris

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Compare and ContrastIn A Yellow Raft in Blue Water By Michael Dorris the differences and similarities between Aunt Ida and Christine added to the overall effectiveness of this work and the imagery of a braid. In order to achieve this effect, Michael Dorris uses three different points of view; Christine's, Aunt Ida's, and Rayona's. Michael Dorris also uses diction to portray characterization differences as well as similarities.Aunt Ida's characteristics differ from Christine in ways that allow different facets of each character to be revealed, allowing for a well-rounded effect on the entire novel. All throughout Aunt Ida's life she was taking care of people and that didn't allow her to live her life creating a more bitter person. For example, when Aunt Ida's book begins, she is helping take care of her sick mother. She had forced upon her the responsibility of taking care of a sick person at a young age and not able to do what she wanted. After having to take care of her mother, she had to take care of Christine, even though Ida was only a young girl she agreed too the responsibility of caring for a child. As if it weren't enough to have too take care of two people, later on she fell in love with Willard Pretty Dog after he was wounded in war no one would take him in, cared for him and eventually loved him. Aunt Ida was hurt many times over by these people and that added to her bitterness. One example was when Willard was describing her to his mother "Ida may not be beautiful, she may not be very smart (page 350)." This hurt her and made her withdraw even more into herself and be bitter. This quote also shows how Aunt Ida is characterized; smart but not wanting Willard too feel stupid compared too her intelligence. It also reveals one of the events that make her so bitter toward the world. However one characteristic of Aunt Ida's that is admirable is her devotion and care about her family's well being. Although Aunt Ida does have some characteristics that aren't in Christine there are some similarities. For example both women are very strong willed and do what they want....

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