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Comparing And Contrasting Casino Royale And The Spy Who Loved Me

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My essay is going to be about the similarities and differences between ‘Casino Royale’ and ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’. I Will explore all aspects of each film including, Bond, the Bond girls, the villain and enemy, special effects and the mise-en-scene.
The opening scenes are both similar yet different in both films. ‘Casino Royale’ starts off with free running, a modern sport that makes the audience want to keep watching. It is dangerous, new age and suits the film itself. It is also a sport which isn’t something you can just try out at home, it needs a lot of skill and endurance. ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ however, starts off with bond being chased by the enemy on the skiing slopes. Skiing is a very popular sport nowadays and many people across the world enjoy it. So watching someone skiing now isn’t as exiting since it is a very common sport which many people can do. Whereas, free running is a lot more exciting to watch as it isn’t an everyday sport. But back in the time when ‘The Spy Who Loved Me’ was released, skiing wasn’t a popular sport and so it would appeal to the audience more than it would appeal to the audience of today. So they are similar because of the fact that they both start off with a sport in which the enemy and bond are chasing each other. But they are different because the sport in both opening scenes is different and the opening scene in ‘Casino Royale’ is so much more action packed and thrilling than the opening scene in ‘The spy Who Loved Me’.
Bond is a very mysterious and extraordinary character. Ian Fleming wanted the name of Bond to be suitably dull and contrast it to the extraordinary events that would happen around him. The name of the famous spy was actually lifted from the author of a bird guide book. Bond in ‘TSWLM’ is very different to the Bond in ‘CR’ so the target audience has changed vastly over time. In ‘TSWLM’, Bond appealed more to the male audience as he was brave, clever and mischievous. Whereas in ‘CR’ bond appealed to both the male and female audience. This is because Daniel Craig who acts Bond in ‘CR’ is more sexy and sensitive in the film compared to the actor playing bond in ‘TSWLM’. But as well as appealing to the women he also still appeals to the male audience too because although he has a sensitive side he still has an adventurous and dangerous side to him too.
And so the character of bond is portrayed different in both films. Although his character may change his role as Bond himself is still likewise. The role of bond is basically a man who fights villains and saves the day. He is a secret agent working for MI6. If you were to look for a character to play Bond the kind of things you would look out for in the actor would be as follows: tall, unique looking, fit and healthy, young and an actor who has a low profile so he would then be a type cast of Bond.
The Bond girls are very stereotypical and are similar in both films in many ways. The typical role of a Bond girl is to be sexy and attractive...

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