Comparing And Contrasting God, Gods, And Worship Rites.

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Comparing and Contrasting God, gods, and worship rites.
In Both Islam and Zoroaster the belief of one true God is highly favored amongst the two and both acknowledge God as transparent, but they differ in their reference to God. The Zoroaster religion refers to God as Ahura Mazda (The wise Lord) along with twenty other names. It is understood that Ahura Mazda is an invisible and intangible creator. However, the Islam religion recognizes the supreme High God as Allah, who is separated and unapproachable by human beings. In contrast to Islam and Zoroaster, the Hinduism religion contradicts this belief and practice devotion to three major Indian gods. All three faiths worship their God or gods in different forms, yet all three are share similarities regarding worship and sacrifices.
Hinduism was established sometime around the sixth century, but was originated by the Aryan people during the second millennium B.C.E during the voyage to Indian. Hinduism is recognized as the eldest, most complicated religion of the world. Nevertheless, it is the foundation of three other philosophies such as, Jainism, Buddhism and Islam. The chief style of worship according to Hopfe and Woodward is concluded which of the three gods one will serve and of sacrifices such as offering of animals, dairy products, fires, and Soma plant juice as form of worship. The most intensely and valued sacrifice is the horse. Any great king, who desires acquiring more territory, must select a young male horse to wander for one year in the countryside. Once the horse has completed the twelve-monthly journey an attendant brings the horse back to be strangled and to be used to practice fertility rites. The creator is then butchered and feasted upon by the ruler and family.
One of the three major gods worshiped is Brahma. He is the least to be worshipped perhaps because of his lack of recognition in the Vedas. He is describes as red, with four beards faces and four arms. The second god within the Hinduism religion is Shiva, the god of the D’s. He is known as “the destroyer,” the god of death, destruction, disease, and dance. He is popular amongst the Hindis perhaps because he is responsible for “tormenting and destroying their flesh” or maybe because he is acknowledge as the god of human reproduction and sexuality, animals, and vegetables. The third god is Vishnu, the preserver, the love, forgiving, and generous god. However, he relishes on playing tricks and pranks and is believed to have come to earth nine times in the form of animals and man. Tradition believes he will appear again at the end of days as “’Kalkin on a white horse’…’to end time and punish the wicked and reward the virtuous.’” Similar to Hinduism, both Zoroastrians and Muslims believes God reveals himself to human kind by through visible creators, but, one difference between Islam and the other two is, Islam disregards deifying the prophets send by God.
The Pre-Zoroaster adored Ahura Mazda profoundly with blood sacrifices...

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