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Comparing And Contrasting Homeschool And Public School

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When it comes to education, many have various opinions on how children should and should not be educated. A common debate is over the efficiency of homeschooling, and whether or not homeschooling is better than public schooling. In ways, homeschoolers and school-going children are quite similar. On the other hand, there are also several differences in these children, and the ways in which they are taught. Often, homeschoolers and public schooled children are stereotyped. Most people will automatically label these children in their mind from what they have heard about the type of education that the children are receiving. It is imperative to compare and contrast these education ...view middle of the document...

The main goal is for children to learn basic skills, graduate, and apply what they learned in school to their life. That is the biggest similarity between the school systems.
So, both school systems, regardless of where they are held or who teaches the class, have the same goals for the children who are participating in their school. However, this is where the similarities end. Some of the main, and most obvious differences, are when, where, and how the classes are held. Public school systems hold their classes in buildings that are usually within the same county as the children that are attending that school. They teach their classes in a group ranging usually from 15-30 children. They teach the classes at a set time, and school is ends everyday at the same time, usually somewhere around 3:30 or 4 'o clock. The children are assigned homework that is due on a certain day. Homeschool is held in a much different way. The teaching is usually done at the children's own home, and they usually start school when their parents tell them to. There is usually a set amount of schoolwork that each child must complete each week, but the schedule is much more flexible. Children are usually able to bring their school books with them if they have to go somewhere, and school is not always let out at a specific time.
Other than those more obvious differences, there are some differences that may not come to mind when contrasting these two school systems. For example, the class size is significantly smaller in homeschooling than in public school. A smaller class size can be beneficial to some children, because it may be easier for them to learn. Some children, however, will not benefit from a smaller class size. Some kids need to have a larger class in order to learn. That's just the way some children are. Another difference between these two school systems is time that the...

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