Comparing And Contrasting Society In The Book, The Lathe Of Heaven And The Movie, Matrix

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Comparing and Contrasting Society in the Book, The Lathe of Heaven and the Movie, Matrix

In the book The Lathe of Heaven, by Ursula K. Le Guin, there are many similarities and some differences in society in comparison to the movie Matrix. The two stories settings take place in different locations. Although, throughout both stories many huge changes are made, the people in the societies remain unaware of the changes. Then, similarly, only a certain few individuals are knowledgeable of the true reality. A difference between The Lathe of Heaven and the Matrix is the place setting. The Lathe of Heaven's characters are in the real world. The real world is physical and tangible, filled with items that tiger senses. People have feelings and react differently to situations. Each one depending on the person and the circumstance. The real world is the truth, the truth is reality. Although, this reality is changed with one night's dream, from George Orr. Orr is a man who has the ability to change truth, including history and every humans view of what reality is. When Orr dreams, his thoughts become reality. With one dream he changes today, and the history. Orr is the only one who is aware of the original, true reality. In the Matrix, however, what the society believes to be the real world, is really a computer program invented and run by Machines. In the Matrix, Machines have taken over the human population and created a world, known as the Matrix. This world is only lived out through the minds of the people, as the people are kept in holding tanks. The world, or Matrix is a computer program, and only known to be a computer program by the Machines and a few selected individuals. Similarly, in The Lathe of Heaven and in the Matrix society as a whole is unaware that anything is unusual. First, changes are made in both unreal worlds. In the movie Matrix, there are Machines who have invented, run, and rule the unreality virtual world. There are also Agents, computer generated men who aid in the managing of the virtual world. Agents are also part of the program, and are unreal people. The Machines and Agents are able to easily change anything in the virtual world because it is merely a computer program.

Without hesitation the virtual world, including the environment, buildings, and people, is changed to meet the Machines needs. The...

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