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Comparing And Contrasting The Beatles With The Rolling Stones

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I’m here today to discuss, compare, and contrast the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, two of the best rock and roll bands from the 1960s. During the British Invasion, both of these bands had a lasting impression worldwide inspiring many of the current artists today. Although both bands are similar, they have many differences.
The Beatles were formed in London and consisted of four prime members: John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, and George Harrison. When they first came out from Liverpool to America, they gave a clean look toward people by wearing suits and trimmed haircuts. The Rolling Stones, also formed in London later on, also consisted of four prime members in the beginning: Mick Jagger, Ronnie Wood, Keith Richards, and Charlie Watts. Throughout their career, they let they hair grow long and wear whatever they wanted including concerts, giving off the “I don’t care” look. The ...view middle of the document...

The Beatles mostly sang about peace and love, experimenting with different concepts on the subject and various instruments. George Harrison introduced the sitar in some of their later albums. Originally, they started as a simple pop band and eventually grew and developed into a rock and roll band. Most of their fan base was composed of teenage girls, while the Rolling Stones attracted every one of every age. They would have to think of creative and clever ways to sneak lyrics about sex and drugs into their albums. The Rolling Stones, on the contrary, were inspired by jazz and rhythm and blues. They rarely experimented with different instruments, mainly using the standard guitar, drums, and bass. Their “bad boy” image allowed them to get away with singing about offensive topics such as sex and drugs. The Stones had a raw and heavy sound to their music that reflected their musical inspirations such as Chuck Berry, whereas The Beatles had a softer sound that reflected their admiration for Elvis.
The bands changed history and the music industry forever. Even now, The Rolling Stones are still around today and almost 60 years later, they have recently toured in the past couple of years. They mainly called themselves “The Awesomeist Rock Band Ever” even though the Beatles decade ended while the Rolling Stones continue to go on even now. The Beatles only lasted 7 years but had a bigger impact in the music industry than the Rolling Stones. The Beatles entire legacy is accredited for by the marvelous partnership between Paul McCartney and John Lennon. Mick Jagger himself even claimed that he wished he was as clever at writing music like they were, asking The Beatles to write a song for his band called “I Wanna Be Your Man”.
The Beatles and The Rolling Stones were artists that challenged the social norms of society. They forever changed history because they created likable music that stands through time. Years later after both bands formed, their popularity still continue to grow throughout the ages. The legacy they left can never be outdone by anyone.

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